Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Vanquish The EVILS!

The Great Mover commented that most NGO works are inclined towards supporting Pakatan Rakyat. Though I know I am not as smart and well-experienced as he is, I gave my 2-cents still.

I told him it is the other way around. Pakatan Rakyat happens to 'champion' the people and some of their leaders have been fighting for people's rights for ages. So, it is not right to say that NGOs like E.P.I.C are politically connected.

In this Ibu Pertiwi, everything is 'doomed' to be political.

One of my uncles managed to secure a contract to supply school supplies, which include uniforms, shoes and all, to poor people in East Malaysia. He told us they have a sound profit margin (since most items are brought in from China) but he feels bad because he knows most of these supplies won't reach the target but instead they would be 'carted' away by ruling party's people - as always. That's what he said while stirring beriani daging for my auntie's kenduri menyambut menantu last month.

People in my 'village' KT know this too well. During 2006's Banjir Besar, people had to buy mattresses when they were actually provided by the government. Other supplies, meant for people who were affected by the flooding, were distributed to YUMNO group of people only. Most of the worst affected victims were actually assisted by NGOs from The Little Red Dot.

When 150 lawyers protested in front of Bukit Aman last week, to hand over their memorandum over manhandling of Mssr Amer Hamzah, some 'cheeky' lawyers loudly wonder if this protest was another political cheap publicity. If lawyers could think that way, what more normal people like us? Alas, not all lawyers have the right principle, just like us. My sadness over deplorable state of our judiciary system was partially lifted when comes out with their "Peguam Rakyat Protest: The Fall Out Series". Why partially? Well, some lawyers need further explanation to this plain issue at hand! SHAME ON THEM!

"It is not what a lawyer tells me I may do; but what humanity, reason, and justice tell me I ought to do" ~ Edmund Burke

Encik Arphan of MAFREL was at Subang Parade last weekend supporting "Voice Your Choice" campaign.Then yesterday, Noh Omar accused MAFREL of being mouthpiece of the opposition and SPR, again, 'kow tow' to their 'EVIL masters', would not allow MAFREL to be the watchdog for coming bye-buy election in Hulu Selangor - because MAFREL didn't submit reports for the past 9 bye-buy elections! Heck! If so, I wonder what have they been doing so far? They make it so bloody difficult to register as voters, now they want to make it even harder to count the vote without bias?

"It's not the voting that's democracy; it's the counting" ~ Tom Stoppard, Jumpers

I am depressed, more of a broken hearted woman. When I wrote about "Paging for mM Sunshine", I was actually talking about finding the right man to lead this Ibu Pertiwi back to where it was 40 years ago. Where art thou?

Anyway, I am eternally optimistic. Thanks to those stupid acts, I call upon voters in Hulu Selangor to come out in drove and 'vanquish' THE EVILS out at the ballot box.

Do you need me to sing Uncle Engelbert Humperdinck's "Please release me let me go"?


nightcaller said...


So now you are offering to be uncle Humperdick's recording artist? May I know the date, time and venue of your performance? At least I can bring my recording staff to record ur song and maybe too, can package it into CDs' and auction off during one of those EPIC campaign :)

Fi-sha said...


Dear Sir

The date of my 'con-cert' would be on 7 April, venue : Malaysia Tanah Air Ku, Tahun : When Malaysians get back their power!

Great idea Sir...I better start practising now... It's time for reverse psychology!