Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hulu Selangor Buy-Election - Offensive Tackle (Part 2)

Talking about TGNA, everyone was awed by his presence but apparently his aura couldn’t tone down UMNO’s brutality and vulgarity. UMNO supporters, most of them I think are PERK[o]SA members, were having great times calling him names and defacing banners with his face on them. Is that Malay Culture promoted by PERK[o]SA and his ‘master’, UMNO? Looking at their despicable actions to this revered man, I doubt they respect their parents, let alone others who are not connected to them by blood. If they are not, tell me if they could be a good example to their children. This vicious cycle should stop and it stops when we end this atrocious UMNO.

Around 2, we took a breather for lunch at Indian Village Restaurant. I saw a group of men in orange body suit. On my way to wash my hands, I stopped at their table, asking why armed forces pilots are required at this buy-election and one of them told me that they are from fire brigade. OH! “Banyak rumah terbakar ke dekat sini” (Are there too many houses being burnt down here?), I asked them again. The other guy told me I need to ask his supervisor sitting at the end of their table because they are here for ‘special mission’. Wow my foot! To further kill my urge to eat, Semi (no) value walked in with his group of peeps. Thank God the fresh iced lassi was damn good and fulfilling or else…

As the clock ticking towards 5 pm, Ariff received calls that 5 buses, believed to have carry phantom voters, were stopped somewhere near 2 polling stations, each. Hawkeye, who tracked voters’ turnout, detected a sudden surge in around 4ish, when updates from polling stations told us otherwise. By now, everyone was anxious. I personally felt terrible pangs in my tummy and that were surely not so good sign for this D-Day.

After a drizzle, I told Uncle Zorro that I’m going for a walk. Seriously, I need to clear my senses – all the vibrations I received scared me off. At one turn of the road, I saw one abandoned building. Surprise, surprise, surprise! This “Balai Bomba” was supposed to undergo 3-month upgrading works by one Perniagaan AZ and was supposed to be completed in July 2006. Hmmm, how come it is empty now? After some googling, I found out that this quaint town has a new “Balai Bomba”, which was launched by the guy who lies all the time on 22 April 2010. Wah! Ironically, we should now celebrate a demise of one person we called YB for all projects – new and old - will be completed in no time!

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