Saturday, April 24, 2010

God's Messengers

"A master and his disciple were walking together in the desert. The master was teaching his charge that he could always trust in God, since He was aware of everything.

Night fell and they decided to pitch camp. The master raised the tent, and the disciple was given the assignment of tethering the horses to a rock.

But, as he stood by the rock, he thought to himself: "The master is testing me. He said God is aware of everthing, and then asked me to tie up the horse. He wants to see whether or not I believe in God".

Instead of tethering the horse, he said a long prayer, and left the fate of the horses in God's hands.

Next day, when they awoke, the horses were gone. Disappointed, the disciple complained to the master, saying that he no longer believed in him, since God had not taken care of everything, and had forgotten to watch over the horses.

"You are wrong", the master answered. "God wanted to take care of the horses. But in order to do so, he needed to make use of your hands to tether them to the stone'.

~ Paulo Coelho's "The Valkyries", Page 57 - 58

If we look at never-ending conflicts in Middle East and Africa, we may wonder why God is so cruel, for not having mercy on the people. I always believe God is Merciful and Compassionate yet we, the weaklings, tend to get our Second Mind in control of our fate - that is focusing on what's in there for us in everything we do, overarching our baseless assumptions that what others said are signs from God, sticking to culture and tradition without realising the rationale of folloing them.

Without us realising, this country is also in the 'same boat' as our brothers and sisters in Middle East and Africa. Where did we go wrong, I wonder, because we think we are good people, who love our country but from the actions we are taking, we are doing the opposite.

Tomorrow is the day when HS' voters will be using their hands to put this country into the right course. If we believe in God, may we be God's messengers and let us have the chances to save this country.


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Fi-Sha, you are absolutely right in your this posting.
But it is the politicians who either make or break a country, or divide and subtract its people.
God made a country, God made people.
Politicians break it apart....for self gain.

Politicians to get elected, to gain milage will play on people's emotions, feelings....they will make all the promises under the Sun and Moon...

Once the election is over, you don't even see their shadow. And this happens over and over in lots of countries, sad to say.

US George Bush senior before elections said, "read my lips, there will be no tax increases".
3 months later, he increased taxes.
Hope everything goes well where you are. Best regards, Lee.

Fi-sha said...

Dearest Uncle Lee

Everything wasn't all that right where I was last weekend but I was at the right place last weekend.

Though PR lost (thanks to the hands of evils), i believe People's Power has flourished even more but it is just sad for them not having it materialised in a victory.

Like artists, we make our politicians so may we all continue to carry out our responsibilities so that we could send the best people to represent these people fairly.

Dear Uncle Lee and Auntie, take care and have a great week ahead.