Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Let KKB Shines in Her True Self

A short trip to Antares’ Magickriver reminds me of the old Cameron Highland I have been to when I was small. The air is breezily fresh, the plants are bountifully green, the rivers are crystal clear and the people are genuinely friendly. Development, in terms of how many building have been erected around this serene town, is minimal and most of them could be decades old with neo-colonial architectural heavily imprinted in them. KKB is such a perfect place for ecotourism.

The International Ecotourism Society (“TIES”) defines “Ecotourism” as “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well beings of local people”. By that definition, I am not sure if Cameron Highland can be categorised as one looking at looming environmental issues it is facing today.

It seems ecotourism isn’t hard to promote in KKB because all we need is the right system and people to manage it. We definitely don’t need APCO to do our PR works and we don’t even to splash funds to build new hotels, resorts and all. Old is Gold in KKB's case!

KKB has all it takes be a great ecotourist spot and she can certainly put herself in their right platform to be one – that is by voters of HS to vote for the right candidate this Sunday.

Note 1:
Cameron Highland has been served by BN representatives in both Parliament and Pahang State Assembly, ever since.

Note 2:
The one and only greatest development brought by BN to KKB is Sungai Selangor Dam, completed in 2002. Read this to see who benefited the most from this destructible development.

Note 3
: I found another hero by the name of Kit “Antares” Lee in KKB. I cried reading his plea to stop construction of the said dam here. The first time I met him I felt like he could see through me. I agree with what he said that surrounded by nature (for him, at his Magickriver) awakens one’s senses. His magical world starts here.

Note 4
: Raub is only 40 km away from KKB, which explains why Ng Yen Yen received a strong protest group from Bukit Koman when she was busy campaigning in KKB. With the kind of development in Ng Yen Yen’s constituency (Bukit Koman and Felda Kelau), voters of HS should stay away from her party if the voters know what is best for KKB and its people.

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