Sunday, April 4, 2010

Paging for Mr. Sunshine

As I wandering all over Subang Parade yesterday with "R U A VOTER?" clipboard, I met many interesting individuals. One of them was a meta-physicist.

When he started saying things that me and only me knows, I had goose bumps and my palms turned sweaty.

He asked me how did I manage to keep on smiling hours on end doing this thing, for a start, when I'm easily hurt by nature.

On my way to recover from anaemia and a broken heart, he wonder why I could look so happy. Perhaps, he said, by helping others, I help myself to get better too.

His parting words were hauntingly true. I must find my Matahari - my Mr Sunshine. When I have found him, every thing will place in its place - perfectly. And I would be perfectly me.

Hmm, sometimes I despise myself - some people could see through my soul too clearly.

Mika's "Blue eyes"

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