Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hulu Selangor Buy-Election - The Road to Block

Road blocks were everywhere for no apparent reasons but after a while, they made sense to me – they were to facilitate the entry of buses of youths before they came out in drove on the buy-election day.

I am not sure why they were brought in but from various pictures you saw, on the internet most UMNO supporters at all polling stations were youths and behaved more like the rowdy mat rempits, who are brave for all the wrong reasons – they never think hard enough that their senseless actions could get themselves and others killed!

On Saturday, I saw a group of schoolchildren, around 15 -16 years old, stopped by in front of one bike shops in front of PR Media Centre. I made a detour and pathetically, in my softest voice, asked them if I could get any UMNO pamphlets. They told me they ran out of them and I showed my perfect dejected face. I proceeded to ask how much they were paid. They said they did not get paid and in turn asked me if I want to give them money. I suspected they would be paid if they turned up at any polling stations the next day. I replied that I cannot get involve in money politics. Before I bid them farewell and asked them to ride safely, one of them handed me one ‘comic’ – a glossy-paged cartoon filled with personal attacks. I prohibited myself from flipping through the pages but my mind was calculating how much money was spent printing this kind of nonsense.

Later that night, while having our dinner in Kg Asam Kumbang, we saw 2 buses drove towards Fraser Hill – yes that is where IKBN located.

On the eve of the nastiest buy-election (I am sure you have read Uncle Zorro’s and Antares’ posts on this incidence), for the first time I was called “celaka” by one Malay guy, who earlier told me that, he is an orang asli from Pahang. My ‘sin’ was trying to justify why an outsider like him could dictate how things are done in this orang asli village when there is no such rule being imposed before.

Yes, UMNO men couldn’t never stomach the truth and when truth kicked them hard, they would resort calling names, intimidating their ‘victims’ and would never hesitate to use their limbs to hurt people.

Instead of fear, I was overwhelmed with intense emotions. My tears rolled down as I tried to put myself in the shoes of many more women out there who haven’t got any one or any place to turn to when they are being treated in such brutality – physically and verbally - by those chauvinistic and egoistic beings. I thought of our sisters natives people in East Malaysia, being raped on their way to school. Aren’t men supposed to protect all women, just like how they protect their mothers, wives, sisters and daughters?

For UMNO, the main purpose is to block any progress this Ibu Pertiwi and her people could get. No wonder, they are so fond of roadblocks!

I guess they forever suffer from mental and emotional block!

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