Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hulu Selangor Buy-Election - The Tale of Everything Large

HS was the first bye-buy election I observed first-hand. Those who have been to the previous ones told me that this was the dirtiest ever based on the amount of money being promised (I was told the Indians in HS were given RM10K based on promises made by the unwanted Palanivel), the kind of abuses (of power) and misuses (of government resources – living and non-living), blatant intimidation tactics by enforcement personnel (from PDRM to BOMBA, PEKIDA right up to RELA).

If UMNO claimed they have captured HS based because the voters have started to warm up to their reform agendas and appealing 1(?)Malaysia notion, I offer my sympathy because they are obviously delusional.

For 3 days the PEEEEEEM spent in HS, he brought along large entourage (gee, I guess he has penchant for anything big, which you could see in his [better] half, big [kitchen] cabinet, big fat lies etc.). Apparently, some were responsible to bring down any banners belonged to the other candidate along the road he took. He also brought along his ‘warlords’ and their ‘thugs’ (famously known as PEKIDA). Isn’t that so pathetic when he was being cheated by his own followers, I wondered with a big laugh because he even couldn’t reform his ‘crooked’ crooks, what more to change the way this country is being managed!

His crooks had too large an ego they had to use our enforcement personnel to make way for them and blocked the roads. Looking at the kind of bad traffic HS people had to go through, I was reminded of similar scene from metropolitan KL City Centre. Instead of giving us smooth trip, these personnel taunted us unnecessarily with ‘Syok-Sendiri’ traffic management style.

Sadly, the only things that come in small packages were the nasi lemak being dished to public during the launch of his “Pesta Nasi Lemak-Teh Tarik dan Makanan Warisan" and not forgetting the disappearance of people who turned up to their ceramahs. Well, they didn’t need ceramahs based on their deep ‘treasure chest’. So, I was laughing like a hyena when the PEEEEEEM denied that he buys votes – they just delivered what they have promised decades earlier. Perhaps, SPR should come up with stricter election guidelines that prevent any political parties to dish out goodies starting from the demise or resignation of the elected representative and any sign of money politics would automatically declare that particular candidate being disqualified. Heck! I must be joking right for SPR to do something about this! Wishful thinking!

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