Monday, May 31, 2010

In Malaysia or Gaza - Life is Cheap

This morning, as I was making my cuppa in the pantry, my colleagues asked me if i still remember Norhashimah Wahid - one lady who used to sit in front of my mentor's room in our old office. Of course I remember her - she's one beautiful, friendly and active lady. If you know how blur I could be with the going-ons in my workplace and its people, that kind of remarks is genuinely a compliment - I pay attention to people who touch other's life in small or big ways. She is one of those people with a big heart.

He told me she passed away this morning, leaving behind her beloved husband and a 2-year old little girl. I gasped for air to breathe because I couldn't believe that she succumbed to illness while undergoing her 7-months PTD course in Kem Jugra Banting - I recalled her being such a sportswoman. How could that be?!

You must have read about her demise here. I wonder why our Diplomatic Officers had to go through such harsh training. I wonder why the training organiser (Read:Gomen) could be so heartless. I wonder why even in Malaysia, our life could be so cheap.

We had enough death of our youngsters in PLKN camps, lock-ups and roads. We had enough mysterious deaths of those people who fight for human rights. We had enough of being treated as if we are worthless. No one deserve to die under her circumstances - it's so inhumane and illogical.

It's heartbreaking. Those responsible lost their mind and that caused her beloved family to lose a wife, a mother and a daughter.

Al-fatihah to Allahyarhamah Norhashimah Wahid. May her soul rest amongst the righteous. May God grant her loved ones strength, soothes their weary hearts, guide their wondering minds.

My Prayers for Humanitarians on Mavi Marmara

On Saturday, I happened to catch ASTRO AWANI's Ashwad Ismail interviewing Tuan Haji Noorazman Mohd Samsuddin on Mavi Marmara en route to Gaza, carrying Freedom Flotilla. Ashwad looked so haggard I was worried for him - more like a sisterly concern for a brother, wondering if he got enough sleep and rest, whether he took his supplements to stay agile and alert. I even muttered in my heart, "God, he looks like a dead man'.

News on Mavi Marmara being attacked by Zionist Forces this afternoon (local time) make my heart sink - 16 were reported killed while 60 were wounded. At the time of posting, the fate of Ashwad and the rest of humanitarian volunteers is unknown as the Zionist Regime (Read:APCO) has blacked out the communication line from the ship.

Dear God, please protect them. Please give them strength to go through this difficult time. Grant them a safe passage to lessen the burden of our sisters and brothers in Gaza. Please, Dear God, lead them home safe and sound.

We know we have wronged You in so many ways and in so many times but please Dear God, if there is a drop in goodness in us, please allow us to share it with others. Do not let our sins stand in our good sisters and brothers' way to help those oppressed in Gaza.

Dear God, You know what is best for each of us - please guide us to do our best. Only from you alone we seek solace. Only for you we seek forgiveness. Only from you we ask for help.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Had My Eyes On You - Crag Hotel

I have a dream, that is - "Looking for a kind soul to invest in her dream Little Lifestyle Rumah Rehat atop Magical Penang Hill".

Well, I haven't found that kind soul but I hope Penang State Government will soon find the rightful soul for this treasure I had set my eyes on before one misty morning.

"The Crag hotel atop Penang Hill first opened for business in 1929 by the famous Sarkies brothers - these were the same brothers behind such hotels as the Raffles in Singapore and the Strand hotel in Rangoon.

The Crag saw good business up to the start of WW2, after which it was left abandoned. In 1955 the Upland school then took up residence, it was a school for planters children. Around the 70's the Upland School relocated to new facilities leaving the Crag abandoned right up until this day.

The original Crag hotel comprised of several chalets for guests dotted around the main building, these were all linked by winding pathways and lush planting. The main building had dinning rooms, entertainment and lounge areas".

More on Flickr.

A Woman's Husband

Have you read Dr. Chan Chin Cheung's letter on "The True Story of Sime Darby"?

It is sad that we lost our Billions in cash, assets and resources for having such lousy management and government.

It is even sadder that we have now set a new trend to our future generations - you go up the corporate ladder not because you are bloody good and that you want to contribute more but the faster you get up there, the more opportunities you will have to make sinful money and enjoy sinfully bloody great life. It's the culture of "You Owe Me" and no longer "I Owe You".

Since it's Wednesday - a ladies' night in The Little Red Dot (and some say in Bolehland too) - the moral of this post for me is to settle down with a man who is wise yet humble, generous yet even-handed, powerful (in his own way) yet easy-going, principled yet pragmatic. You may say I wish for the moon and the stars but don't you think that is what a man supposed to be?

Yes, the least I can do to change this country is to find a good husband because Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, "A man's wife has more power over him than the state has".

Monday, May 24, 2010

Boycott A'Famosa Resort NOW!

Most Malaysians are stupid - even after complaining how filthy this resort is, how terrible the service is, how exorbitant the charges are - they remain flocking this resort.

That's typical of Malaysians, especially the Malays, who tend to associate UMNO(NO-bloody-WAY) with protecting the Malays' rights, thus associating A'Famosa with such greatness in hospitality. Damn Idiots!

Come this school holiday, please, please, please I beg you out there - BOYCOTT A'FAMOSA RESORT!

Yes, you can allow this lousy resort operator to fool you but never let them abuse these tigers and other animals kept in captivity there.

Please, these animals deserve a decent treatment - they have feelings too - these God's creatures are priceless gifts we have for our future generations. Yes, the best gift in life is the gift of life to every single living beings. Think about it.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

"A'Famose under Fire over 'Drugged Tigers'"

A'Famosa Animal World Safari in Malacca came under fire from wildlife activists over a video posted on YouTube showing an apparently drugged tiger being prodded and poked for the amusement of visitors.

The two-minute clip shows the tiger lying on a slab at the wildlife park in the A'Famosa resort while a handler invites visitors walking around it to take pictures with the animal.

The handler then prods and pokes the big cat to force it to pose and even uses his knee to jab its head into an upright pose for a photograph.

"This is horrible and a disgrace that an animal is treated in this fashion. We must stop such abuse and the perpetrators must be punished," Friends of the Earth Malaysia president SM Idris told AFP.

Wildlife trade watchdog TRAFFIC criticised the park's use of captive tigers for entertainment.

"If they acquire tigers for this use, it gives Malaysia a very bad reputation as it shows the park is using the tigers for entertainment instead of educational purposes," senior officer Kanitha Krishnasamy told AFP.

'Tiger was just drowsy'

A'Famosa resort general manager Allan Chee denied the tiger was abused at the park, which has more than 20 tigers and numerous other species.

"There was no abuse to the tiger, the tiger was just drowsy and lazy after being fed and so was being prodded by the handler to get into position," he told AFP.

He said the park prided itself on its animal performances, with elephants playing football and others allowed to roam freely.

However, state wildlife and national parks head Abdul Rahim Othman told AFP the park had been warned over having such photo sessions with animals which can be viewed as abuse.

"We have warned them and will carry out further investigations and if they continue to violate our warnings, we can take action against them including pulling their licences," he said.

Just 3,200 tigers are believed to remain in the wild, down from an estimated 100,000 a century ago - AFP

p.s. Check out "Save The Tiger Fund" site for why tigers matter in our ecosystem. Yes, again, every God's creation is tasked for a purpose when it is given a lease of life in this world. What's yours?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Tuesday with Happiness

I am one of those people who make a point to make, at least, one stranger happy or contented every day. For us, it’s uplifting because we feel like we have passed the goodness and happiness others have given us to another – “Pay It Forward” concept.

On Tuesday, me and my friend agreed to meet up for coffee after work. Knowing his scope of responsibilities, I wonder if he realized it’s a mammoth ambition for him but I didn’t let doubts short live this overdue ‘meeting’. As expected, he’s been ‘held up in a meeting’ and that means I have to wait, if I want to, he said, or we’ll meet some other time. I told him I’ll wait since I’m already at our meeting place. Instead of feeling rather disappointed, I was jubilated – thanks to him, I am going to spend some great time free-reading at this huge bookstore!

“The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up” ~ Mark Twain

But first, I need to go to the ladies to dry my brolly. There, I saw one auntie – she’s the cleaner there – staring at the floor. She looked up at me, drying my brolly with tissues and said, “Adik pakai dryer lagi cepat kering (it will dry faster if I use the hand dryer)”. “Takpe ke Auntie? (Is it OK Auntie)?”. “Boleh, diaorang jarang guna dryer, selalu guna tisu. Buka payung, kasi dia kering (Sure you can, they seldom use the dryer and prefer to use tissues instead. Open up your brolly and let it dry)”.

For the world to know, I am stingy and very sentimental with things I have. My brolly’s age is around 6 years now and it decided not to open up swiftly as one of the ribs got stuck (Newton’s Law at work it seemed). She pointed out that that I just need to sew at a place where I could see threads dangling out, “Tak payah beli baru (No need to buy a new one)”, she said. After a good 5-minute under the dryer, my brolly was perfectly dry and all those time, Auntie was standing next to me – looking intensely, in case I missed a spot. As I expressed my appreciation and bid her goodbye, she said,”Sama sama, datang lagi (You’re welcome, come again)”.

As I opened the door, my heart detected a warm glow – it’s not from the dryer, it came from Auntie’s wrinkly smiling eyes that shone with the light of satisfaction making one of her ‘customers’ happy; and not forgetting from her contented heart for having made herself useful to me – the lucky one.

Tears in my eyes gathered around as I wondered how many time we stop for awhile and take note of people around us and how many time we allow people to rise up to the occasion, to feel wanted, be counted and useful. Our lives would definitely be much easier with their help and these people don’t even want to be repaid for their kindness because doing good makes us feel good - a gift God grants us with a sense of contentment that this life is worth living and giving. For me, that alone defines my happiness.

“If you want to be happy, be” ~ Leo Tolstoy

It’s time for me to glow – I got my hand on Mitch Albom’s Have a Little Faith and there’s one with the absence of its wrapper. Yippie (Read:Free-reading)! A poignant true story that made me smiling gleefully and sent sobs down my throat.

This true-story touches issues that we ask ourselves sometimes like how to endure when difficult things happen; what heaven is; intermarriage; forgiveness; doubting God; the comfort of finding something to believe in; and the importance of faith in trying times. I love the way Mitch Albom tries to share with us we are after all humans – no matter who we are to the society.

This book is so easy to read I finished half of the book by the time the clock struck ten past 8. With that book safely tucked in my bag, I walked down to the agreed venue – a kopitiam (since I’m not a supporter of those usual cafes some people hang around leisurely).

With some more time to kill (yes, I told him I’ll wait for him), I spent time watching the shoppers – some with their kids tagging along, some power walked to the gym upstairs, some couple holding hands up the escalator, a father kissed his life girl in the pram, an old couple walking down slowly but most walked in and out of the shops buying things. I wondered, again, if these people are happy because some did those things that seemed enjoyable but how come their body language told me otherwise?

“The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance; the wise grows it under his feet” ~ James Openheim

It’s amazing to find myself feeling at peace – despite the hiccups. Maybe I was living this mantra – “Good things come to those who wait”. At last, we talked, instead of just saying “Hi” about 2 months ago at one public forum. It’s comforting to know that 18 solid years of not talking to each other haven’t made us strangers. Time flew so fast and that place was about to close for the day. It’s time to say goodbye. He said we should catch up more often and apologised for talking too much (definitely not his fault since I asked him about so many things).

That’s my Tuesday with happiness. A day that shows me that happiness is a chain of reactions – we are happy because we want to be one and our happiness is not something for us to keep but to share and pass along to the next person. We are happy not because we have what others have. We are simply happy because those people are happy. My friend told me that “Happiness is relative” and I am glad to see him THAT happy.

Let me close my happy thoughts with Rabbi Albert L. Lewis words to his congregation, he taped months before his demise: -

“So friends, with great thanks, I beseech you, to please love one another, talk to one another, don't let trivialities and stupidities dissolve friendships. I wish you well, and I hope and pray that God, who does exist, will grant you all health, creativity, and a feeling of immortality, if you live that way”.

And not forgetting a song I like to share with you – “Anyone at All” by Carole King, taken from one of my favourite movies, “You’ve Got Mail”.

Funny how i feel more myself with you
Than anybody else that i ever knew
I hear it in your voice, see it in your face
You've become the mem'ry i can't erase

You could have been anyone at all
A stranger fallen out of the blue
I'm so glad it was you

Words can hurt you if you let them
People say them and forget them
Words can promise,words can lie
But your words make me feel like i can fly

You could have been anyone at all
The net that catches me when i fall
I'm so glad it was you
You could have been anyone at all
I'm so glad it was you

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Achy Cranky Me

My wisdom tooth is finding its way out - finally significantly after 5 years. Phew! Late bloomer, slow grower, bad temper! Ouch! Teruknya saya...

I am not sure - really - if your birth into my cavity makes me any wiser that I can step up and be an empathic advisor, a sensitive listener and a little better persona.

I am sure - extremely - that your slow journey makes my gum achy and me cranky (but I'm naturally cranky!)

"Pain, pain - go away

My wisdom is coming - please make way"

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Jumbo Benefits of Semambu

Pokok Semambu or Neem Tree is not just a tree - it's God cure to many, in many ways. Surprisingly, it is not just a growing-pharmacy, it brings more goodness than any modern technologgy could offer to mankind if you go through its never-ending jumbo benefits, below, which I have extracted from Discover Neem and Neem Foundation.

"Poverty is not necessarily the want of money or cash in hand. In a wider sense it is the lack of option, whether it is the none-availability of fertilizer for crop cultivation or pesticides for crop protection, medical remedies for family welfare, safe contraceptives for regulating family size, fuel or firewood for cooking, timber for furniture or dwelling, or the availability of appropriate technology for restoring wastelands, or absence of income generation and employment opportunities. In all these respects, Neem could be a 'panacea', particularly in rural areas"
~ Dr. Saxena, Chairman of the Neem Foundation

Health Benefits Of Neem

Both neem oil and neem leaf are fantastic skin care ingredients:

• Neem relieves dry skin.

• It soothes itchines, redness and irritation.

• It improves general skin health and immunity, combating bacterial infections, as in acne, boils and ulcers.

But neem doesn't promote resistance in bacteria. Antibiotics are over-prescribed and are becoming blunt as a weapon in our fight against diseases. Neem is an interesting alternative, and one that will never stop working.

One of the top neem benefits is that it lets you avoid harsh chemicals and nasty insecticides when treating conditions like: -

• Psoriasis

• Eczema

• Scabies

• Head lice and more (ewwwwww!).

Nobody wants to douse themselves in insecticides, or use corticosteroids forever. Neem can often do the same job, even better.

Used as hair oil neem promotes shiny, healthy hair, combats dryness, prevents premature graying and may even help with some forms of hair loss.

Neem oil also makes a great nail oil. No more brittle nails and no more nail fungus.

The biggest benefit of neem oil and neem leaf is that they are good for your general health, the condition of your skin and body, and your immune system. So whether you use them to fight some skin condition, or just to prevent any skin related problems in the first place, you are doing yourself something good.

Benefits Of Taking Neem Leaf

Neem leaf is an essential ingredient in many Ayurvedic remedies.

Indians have known for thousands of years that taking neem has many benefits. It stimulates the immune system, improves liver function, detoxifies the blood, generally promotes a healthy circulative, respiratory and digestive system. It is famous as a malaria treatment and for diabetes.

In the western world people mostly drink neem tea or take neem capsules to boost immune function and for the blood cleansing effect, especially people with skin problems.

More Medicinal Benefits Of Neem

Neem is just about anti-everything: -

• Anti-bacterial

• Anti-viral

• Anti-septic

• Anti-diabetic

• Anti-fungal

• Blood-purifying

• Spermicidal (Yes, spermicidal. Neem also shows great promise as a natural means of birth control. Amazing, isn't it?)

Oh, and oral care and periodontal disease is a big one, too. You can't beat neem when it comes to caring for your teeth and gums.

The range of diseases that has been traditionally treated with neem, or where research is being done, is huge:

AIDS, cancer, malaria, diabetes, hepatitis, duodenal ulcers, kidney disorders, fungal infections, yeast infections, STDs, all kinds of skin disorders, periodontal disease, mononucleosis, blood disorders, heart diseases, nerve disorders, allergies... and the list goes on.

Benefits Of Neem For Animals

Wash your dog with neem soap or a neem shampoo, and you'll discourage biting insects, ticks and fleas, ringworm, mange mites, any skin disorders or fungal infections.

Neem is just as fanatastic for the skin and hair of your pets as it is for yourself. Again, you avoid nasty chemicals and harmful medications. They only increase stress for the immune system rather than helping it, whereas neem benefits the immune system and overall health of your pet.

Neem Benefits For Gardeners And Farmers

You probably know that neem spray is a popular insect spray. One of the most valued benefits of neem spray in the garden is that it is totally non-toxic to us, to other mammals, to birds, bees and even beneficial insects. Spraying neem does not create a death zone around your vegetable patch or orchard, like other insecticides do.

These days you never know what kind of chemical cocktail you eat with your bought fruit and vegetables.

Neem protects your garden crops from chewing and sucking insects and from fungal diseases, and your health benefits as well.

Another neem benefit is that insects do not become resistant to it. Normal synthetic insecticides create resistant insects. So farmers need to spray more and more, and nastier and nastier chemicals to keep insects in check. When you use neem oil you don't have that problem.

Neem oil spray can also be used as a natural mosquito repellant. Neem keeps mosquitoes away AND it is good for your skin! On the other hand DEET, the active ingredient in chemical insect repellents, is highly toxic.

Benefits Of Neem Trees

And there are more neem benefits. Growing neem trees takes little water. Their deep tap roots break through hard clay pans and mine the subsoil for nutrients. The nutrients are returned to the surface as leaf litter, for other plants to use.

Neem trees are especially good at accumulating calcium. Growing neem trees can bring acidic soils back to neutral and so reclaim exploited soils.

Neem trees can grow in very marginal areas, and improve those soils over time.

Increasing use of neem in the western world, and increasing demand, would open up economic opportunities in third world countries. Those countries have the ideal climate for growing neem.

Neem grows quickly and makes goog firewood. Excessive firewood clearing is the main reason for the spread of the desert.

And we all know that trees are carbon sinks, and that we need to contain our carbon emissions if we wantr to slow global warming, and the more trees we plant the better...

There is a reason why one of the best known books about neem is called, Neem: A Tree for Solving Global Problems

After reading all this, do you wonder why the world still knows so little about the benefits of neem? Is it all too good to be true?

Well, no, it's not. It is all true. But there is one key benefit that neem can't offer. It may be great for all of us, and great for poorer countries, but neem would not put big money into the pockets of the western pharmaceutical giants.

US companies tried to obtain patents for neem, and the patents were revoked. Without patents and monopolies there is no money in neem for the pharma giants, so they will not fund the necessary research. A cheap, safe, effective and easily available natural drug is AGAINST their interests.

Research is very expensive, but without that big scale research authorities like the US Food and Drug Administration or the Environmental Protection Authority are unable to give neem their ok.

Anybody who is selling neem is not even allowed to say any of the things that I said above.

Here's a tree that could very well solve some of the world's biggest problems, but because the pharma giants can't own it we will likely just continue on the same destructive path.

p.s. This tree is native to our land. Perhaps we could start planting a tree or two, like these great people are doing, as reported here.

Painful lessons from Greece...

Two months ago, I posed a question - who would you choose: Austerity, Tea or Me?

That was when 'pak ketua' BN decided to throw a tea party to 'his fans' while Greeks came out to protest on the impending austerity measures their government are going to impose. Two months have gone and the protests are just getting stronger.

What unfairly befallen unto Greeks somehow, like us, has interesting plots and these have been going on for quite some time - behind Greeks' back. Their beautiful country is at the brink of financial collapse because its ruling government are full with corrupts coupled to evilish capitalist by the name of Goldman Sachs of The Wall Street, which you can read more from this article by NY Times.

I'm too one of those working people and I feel for the Greeks. It is ironic thinking that we have to go through these unnecessary hardships without a war! How could we

Let me share with you the following Joint Statement, as published in Mkini. I know we can't do much but let's not forget that prayers are powerful 'weapon' too. So, I wish we all could offer a prayer or two to them.

"We, left and progressive organisations from the Asia-Pacific region, express our solidarity with the resistance of the Greek people against the harsh austerity being imposed upon them by the governments of the European Union (EU) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The proposed “rescue package” for the Greek economy by the IMF-EU has triggered a huge struggle that will have worldwide ramifications for working people.

On May 5, as Greece's parliament debated the package, at least 500,000 people took over the streets of Athens as part of a nationwide general strike, the largest demonstration in Greece in 30 years. The general strike involved half of the working population of Greece.

Protests are continuing across Greece, and the trade unions and left organisations have vowed to resist implementation of the austerity package. Protesters marched again in huge numbers on May 6, as the Greek parliament voted to adopt the package.

Strikes and demonstrations against the package continue.

At the root of this struggle lies the fundamental question: Who will pay for the global capitalist economic crisisthe working people suffering most from its effects or the powerful bankers and rich capitalists who caused it?

This is an attempt to shift the cost of the crisis onto working people. The Greek workers did not cause the financial crisis, yet they are being told they must suffer as a result.

The very financial markets that were rescued by government bailouts that followed the global financial crisis are now demanding massive cuts in public expenditure and public services, and a new round of neoliberalism.

In Greece, this includes:

· Freezing of wages and retirement pensions in the public sector for five years;

· Making it easier to lay-off public servants;

· Increases in the regressive goods and services tax rates;

· Increased taxes on fuel, spirits and tobacco;

· Increases in the retirement age for women and men;

· Greater restrictions on access to a full retirement pension; this pension will be calculated on the worker's average salary over their working life, instead of their final salary (a net cut of 45%-60%);

· Government spending cuts of 1.5 billion euros (less money for education and health care) and public investments will also be reduced by 1.5 billion euros;

· A new minimum salary for youth and long-term unemployed;

· Greater deregulation of the economy and more privatisation.

If the vicious austerity measures are successfully implemented in Greece, workers in other European countries (such as Portugal, Spain and Italy) will be the next. But it won't stop there. The working people of every country have a stake in the success of the resistance of Greece's working people in stopping the attacks on their living standards.

In the response to the attacks, the Greek mass movement's demands include:

· Refuse to pay the debt;

· Public and social control of the financial system, including nationalising banks;

· Re/nationalisation of businesses and public utilities with strategic importance, with public and social control;

· Increase salaries and pensions. No increase in the retirement age. Increase job recruitment and freeze lay-offs.

· Increase tax rates on big capital, increase taxes on large real estate and stock transactions;

· Slash military spending;

· Increase spending on health and education, unemployment relief and spending on social infrastructure. No commercialisation of education and health;

The capitalist system is inhuman and offers no future for working people. A victory for Greece's workers will strengthen our fight against capitalism's onslaught all over the world.

The massive struggle and spirit of defiance shown by Greece's workers have inspired us. The signatories of this statement support the Greek people's protests and offer our unconditional solidarity with those mobilising in massive numbers to fight the austerity measures".

This statement was signed by:

Alliance Party of New Zealand, the People's Democratic Party (Indonesia), the Power of the Labouring Masses Party (PLM) Philippines, the Socialist Alliance (Australia), the Socialist Aotearoa, NZ, the Socialist Party of Malaysia, the Socialist Worker-New Zealand and the Workers Party of New Zealand.

If your organisation would like to sign on, please email us at:

p.s. It's sad - a nation that gives us great thinkers like Aesop, Aristotle, Plato and many more succumb to this debacle. I recall what Hang Tuah once said, "Tak Melayu Hilang Di Dunia" but looking at today's Melayu, I am not afraid to say we may one day erase the history of Orang Melayu and his humanistic greatness.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Lessons from South Africa This Coming World Cup Season

I watched the final part of Sir Richard Attenborough's "Cry for Freedom" yesterday - going through the slow-moving list of 'no trial' detainees (akin to ISA in this BolehLand). That alone made me cry - crying for such precious lives wasted, saddened over ridiculous reasons given by the authorities as their cause of death, mourning for seeing the very same inhumane Act is very much at work in this Ibu Pertiwi.

This movie features Denzel Washington, as Steve Biko - the founder of South African Black Conciousness Movement, and Kevin Kline, as Donald Woods - the liberal white editor of Daily Dispatch newspaper. It is based on Woods' "Asking for Trouble" book detaling his friendship with Biko, which blossomed after Woods was challenged by Dr Mamphela Ramphele, who berated Woods' misleading stories about the movement, to meet Biko.

I found an enlightening article here on Biko and his beliefs ring true to the article I posted earlier and also to our current Apartheid situation, if you continue to read the following extracts. Here's some lessons from him - one of glorious sons of South Africa - a republic that will host 2010 FIFA World Cup next month.

  • Steve Biko wanted more than anything, an end to the apartheid regime in South Africa but he was against a hastily arranged political compromise which was styled as integration. He maintained that only "once the various groups within a given community have asserted themselves to the point that mutual respect has to be shown then you have the ingredients for a true and meaningful integration".

  • The main problem, Biko felt, was that "as long as blacks are suffering from inferiority complex – a result of 300 years of deliberate oppression, denigration and derision’ this could not be done".

  • "The blacks are experiencing a situation from which they are unable to escape at any given moment. Theirs is a struggle to get out of the situation and not merely to solve a peripheral problem".

  • He maintained that what apartheid had produced was ‘a kind of black man that is man only in form’ – a process of dehumanisation had taken place. "The black man has become a shell, a shadow of man, completely defeated, drowning in his own misery, a slave, an ox bearing the yoke of oppression with sheepish timidity".

  • "Part of the approach envisaged in bringing about “black consciousness” has to be directed to the past, to seek to rewrite the history of the black man and to produce in it the heroes who form the core of the African background". Biko claimed that African history had been distorted by white historians to ensure that African children learned to hate their heritage which had been disfigured so that African culture became to be seen as akin to barbarism and reduced to tribal battles and internecine wars. He made the point that "a people without a positive history is like a vehicle without an engine".

  • At a student conference held in 1971, Biko made the point that "the most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed".

  • The movement sought "to infuse the black community with a new-found pride in themselves, their efforts, their value systems, their culture, their religion and their outlook to life … Liberation, therefore, is of paramount importance in the concept of Black consciousness, for we cannot be conscious of ourselves and yet remain in bondage".

p.s. His name brought me back to my college days, where our Students Union Building is named after him.

Throw Away Semua Barang Lama

Chuck Surat Khabar Lama and everything and everyone Lama. Welcome New Politics!

New politics is no longer about holding on to power. New politics is about using the power we have to dispense the right policies for everyone. New politics is telling all leaders that you have to listen to your people and yes, we are your boss and not the other way around.

It's about empowering people. It strives towards better society. It embraces differences.

People come together because they want to make a difference. People fight together because what inflict the other caused so much pain in them too - it's too selfish just to look and do nothing about it. People stand together, hand in hand, because united we stand, divided we fall - come rain or shine, people will stay together. These are all ingredients to New Politics!

New Politics in this Motherland isn't about expressing our protest. It's about people coming together doing the right compelling things right. After all, we are all humans that God has selected amongst His many great creations, the leaders (the Khalifahs) of this world. If there is a call for us to abandon New Politics, it is like asking us humans to be less humane!

Here's a very interesting writing by Paulo Coelho's "Satan Sells Used Object" that explains wo well on the temptations being used to make us heartless, helpless and hapless: -

Needing to adapt to the new times, Satan decided to get rid of a whole lot of his stock of temptations. He placed an ad in the newspaper and attended his customers all day in his workshop.

It was a fantastic stock:-

1. Stones for the virtuous to stumble over;

2. Mirrors for increasing one’s self-importance; and

3. Spectacles that reduced the importance of others.

Some objects hanging on the wall drew a lot of attention: a dagger with a curved blade to be used on someone’s back, and tape-recorders that registered only gossip and lies.

"Don’t worry about the price!", shouted old Satan to the potential customers. "Take it home today and pay for it whenever you can!"

One of the visitors noticed two tools lying in a corner that seemed to be quite worn and attracted little attention. But they were very expensive. Curious, he wanted to know the reason for that apparent discrepancy.

"They are worn because they are the ones that I use most of all", answered Satan with a laugh. "If they drew a lot of attention, people would know how to protect themselves. However, they are both worth the price I am asking for them - one is Doubt, the other is the Inferiority Complex. All the other temptations can sometimes fail, but these two always work".

p.s. On the note of 'barang lama', this might explain why I am prone to spring clean.

Sibu "V" - East Malaysia People Power Revolution

"Road Not Taken" ~ Robert Frost

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth

Then took the other, as just as fair
And having perhaps the better claim
Because it was grassy and wanted wear
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black
Oh, I kept the first for another day
Yet knowing how way leads on to way
I doubted if I should ever come back

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I
I took the one less traveled by
And that has made all the difference

I was on energy overdrive the whole weekend - for me, that's good omen. The very same energy overdrive I had on the eve of Political Tsunami 2008.

Alhamdulillah, the people have decided to give SUPP (cukup cukup la makan SUAP!) up and embraced the People's Power Revolution - yesterday. The people of this rich and beautiful country have making a very important inroad to wrestle the power back from the poly-gimic, arrogant BeeNd.

SUAP candy-date had this to say when his loss was imminent, "I'm sad, because Sibu is going to lose out on a lot of things. I have said in my campaign that if we lose, we lose the confidence of the federal government". God is Mighty, Robert Lau. Your people have faith in God and not in the corrupt Federal Government. Enough is enough!

YB Wong Ho Leng gave a meaningful anecdote to Sibu "V", "This is one small step in Sibu, one big step to Petrajaya, and one giant step to Putrajaya". That's simply humbly beautiful. Syabas YB!

YB LKS said this "V" is a miracle and like Susan Boyle, I believe miracles happen every day if we put our heart, mind and soul into it and give it a GO. DAP election machinery was superb. YB Anthony Loke was exceptional at doing us all a great favour asking pertinent questions to EC (tapi tak ada isi).

And above all, I'm glad many would come back home to their beloved family blissfully contented. It's been an arduous journey for them since HS Buy-Election.

Thank you God for this "V".

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sibu4Change - Dekat Tapi Jauh

On the eve of Sibu buy-election, I would like to share Uncle Zorro's moving post here. Mak said, "Kalau BN tak memang tak tau lah", looking at 'gula-gula' being thrown all over. I'm eternally optimistic and will continue praying for the change to come, even if the people or some other 'forces' at play decided we have to endure a little longer.

Thomas Cup - Losing Another Opportunity

I made one call to someone in our organization around 4.40pm yesterday - it seems I couldn't get my emails out to the recipients and that really blew my TGIF mood. I thought he could help me up STAT but unfortunately I needed to get it from someone else and since it's already Friday, all I could do was sending out an email. He told me it's already 'injury time'. Oh! Thomas Cup's Semi Final - Malaysia against China! Despite his enthusiasm, he told me he would watch the games at home. He later asked me whether our team would win tonight. Jokingly I replied, "Malaysia Boleh maaa, but if Bik Mama makes herself available at the stadium, our team will surely lose - big time!". We laughed and as usual, I did it hyena way :P

Shit, with Bik Mama's around, I went to bed by 9 and had many great dreams (wow, lately I dream almost every single night and I met so many people in them). Thank God, I saved myself from cursing in front of the tellies looking at how fragile our boys could be in our own backyard (and definitely allowing my parents to watch their programs in peace!).

Reading Chong Wai's response after his humiliating defeat to B-Boy Lin Dan (wow, he's so cool!), I wonder why he felt so threatened to the extent he couldn't find a space to fight the shuttle cock! Was he so mentally unprepared for this big game? Was he so under pressure that he couldn't think straight? How did he manage to win games overseas? Or was there other forces at work last night or every time Bik Mama was around? So scandalous!

I told Zewt most Malaysian men are not courageous - lembik except for their tongues whenever they exchange derogatory not-much-thinking opinions. If they are the brave lots, if they deem they come from families of 'pejuang bangsa dan negara', if they know they have to give their very best, if they know how much hopes we put on their shoulders to make this place a better place - this Motherland would be a lovely place for all her sons and daughters.

Still, I remain firm to say that Bik Mama is the cause of our loss. She's a psycho! There's definitely something evil around her.

Let me tell you why. As you know, there are many eating places that use 'pelaris' - some sort of amulets to 'entice' people to eat at their places even when the food is lousy. For unknown reasons, my sisters and Mak could detect such 'pelaris' being used in those eateries. We would start to feel nausea and vomit it all out afterward, if we ingested the food. These reactions are unreasonable to many when they are being thronged by many people who think the food is absolutely delicious!

So, when it comes to people, we have that feelings too. Some people shine because their hearts are pure, their intentions are sincere. Some people smell like rats, they believe in evil ways to pursue their earthly desires.

Hmm, it's too bad that we lost our place in the Final. I just hope Coach Misbun and the rest of his coaches would do something - fast - to strengthen our boys mentally and physically. Burn some fighting spirit in them like our heroes that won Thomas Cup 3 times in a row back in 1949?

Hmm, it's too bad that we have this kind of problem even beyond our comical political scene. We will continue to lose if each of us goes on like this. Something has to be done!

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Protestor's Handbook

The Clash of Democracy and Capitalism

I hate rating agencies because if they are bloody good, so many poor people in Africa won't be cut off from all financial aids today - thanks to Subprime Crisis created (to profit) by the bloody bloodthirsty capitalists around the world.

Here's an article by The Guardian's Mr. Gary Younge that would be worth pondering through as we, voters, should always remind our political leaders of our democratic will, all the time.

When he ended his article with this, "The people have spoken. We should not now let the markets dictate", I recalled the winning works by Prof Oliver E. Williamson for last year's Economic Nobel Prize, along with Madam Elinor Ostrom, on "his analysis of economic governance, the boundaries of the firm".

Pro Bono Economics and Sir Gus O'Donnell

p.s. I love reading body language, apart from books.
This photo is able to explain why I am so fond of Sir GOD ;) Long Live GOD!

I am still spellbound with Brit Invasion. Bear with me, please.

Yesterday, I chanced upon an article by The Guardian UK on 3 people who sighed with relief with the formation of Tory-Lib Dems coalition goverment. One of them is the long-suffering UK Cabinet Secretary, that is my favourite man of the week (and many more to come) - Sir Gus O'Donnell. After much googling (or perhaps ogling him :P ops), I just grow fonder of him.
One captivating article I just have to share with you (hello, anyone out there reading this blog?) is about his involvement with Pro Bono Economics, a charity that aims to broker economists into charitable sector to help on short and medium term assignments, typically addressing questions around measurement, results and impact - simply put: to make economics work for charities! Heaven :) One of the charities, "Through The Gate", has produced positive impacts by cutting re-offending by 40% (saving GBP10 Million taxpayer money by only spending GBP1 Million on this program). This program that offers intensive supports for over 1,500 prison leavers returning to London, helping with the difficult transition from custody to community.

That is something we could do here since so many people in this country need such 'pulls' to go through life. That is something we all should strive for because gone were the times where those clever people running our lives - for once we need people with brilliant mind (not necessarily clever because some are smart not because they are clever but simply due to the fact they ponder through the problems longer and come up with the best ideas and solutions) and deep compassion and integrity (high EQ).

When we have such holistic force at work, we don't need all those B(illion) and T(rillion) to make a difference in so many people's lives! Am I talking nonsense? Well, perhaps you may want to listen to Prof Muhammad Yunus, the founder of the enlightening Grameen Bank, when he thinks, "Here we were talking about economic developments, investing Billions of Dollars in various programs, and I could see it wasn't Billions of Dollar people need right away". He opines we need to create a society that takes care of itself by providing opportunities to its people.

Oh! If you read the article on Sir GOD (as he is famously referred to in Whitehall), he and his team travel in Second Class, hardly by flight, mostly by intercity train. Perhaps, our civil servants should learn from our long forgotten civil servants in UK in the likes of Sir GOD.

And not forgetting, here's some of his quotes I love reading over and over again.

"We have to apply to ourselves the disciplines we imposed on others"

"I believe politicians and civil servants should say sorry more often. I believe in forgiveness. If people say "Look I made a mistake, I'm sorry", I think that should be treated positively. None of us is perfect. We all have things we are good at and bad at"

"People are better policy advisers if they have spent time on the front line, running something"

Thursday, May 13, 2010

In Deep Thinking Mode (Audrey Hepburn Style)

Yes, while listening to these songs, I've selected for Sibu Buy-Election: -

1. Annie Lennox's "Sweet Dream" - Yes my brothers and sisters in Sibu, hold your head up!

Some of them want to use you

Some of them want to get used by you

Some of them want to abuse you

Some of them want to be abused

Hold your head up - keep your head up - moving on!

2. Michael Buble's "Peroxide Swing" - Yes Sibu Voters, swing your votes and take this chance of your life time...

Make your move, take a chance

Just get on the the floor and dance

Don't be cool, don't be slick

Just keep on swinging, keep on swinging, keep on swinging, keep on swinging

3. Sam Cooke's "Shake" - Shake off your fears of BeNd, do it right, with all your might!

If you wanna really roll

Gotta do that thing with soul

Shake the shake with all your might

Now, if you do it, do it right

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hadiah Hari Jadi UMNO pada Orang Melayu

UMNO (Baru) yang hidup atas prinsip barua menyambut hari jadinya yang ke 22 tahun dengan memberikan memberi lesen judi kepada Ah Longnya. Syabas UMNO (Baru). Lalaikan lagi golongan Me-layu UMNO dengan judi yang terbukti meruntuhkan akhlak sesiapa yang terlibat.

Bye bye seriously myopic, degenerative amnesiac and schizophrenic UMNO.

Good morning New Dawn!

Long Live People's Power

I woke up to a New Politics in UK, with my fave Lib Dems agreed to form a coalition government with the Torries. Nick Clegg came up with this beautiful speech (to my heart's intuition of course so I don't care if you think it's pathetic) and I feel much better today (though things in our Ibu Pertiwi seem to get even worse by minutes).

Still, the limelight of my day is news on Nonoy leading the Philippines' Presidential Election. I reminisced reading through many materials on his beloved mother, Tita Cory, months ago that prompted me to urge all of us to learn a thing or two from the Great Tita Cory and her people. Nonoy's victory to Malacanang Palace is all about courage - the courage to uphold democracy - first started by his beloved father, Ninoy - as eloquently written here (by DSAI) and here (by Mr. Clayton Jones).

It's timely since only a few more days from today, our brothers and sisters in Sibu would cross their rights.

Either they cross their rights to continue being sidelined by the government.

Or cross their rights to make a change this part of our Ibu Pertiwi really needs.

Or cross their rights to abstain from contributing towards the badness or goodness of this beloved land we all called my Motherland.

I sincerely hope they will clearly see what DAP could give them if they just look towards upnorth at our Pulau Mutiara.

I pray deeply that they will follow their heart - not out of oppression nor obligation - but with clear conscience and sincere compassion, not for us, watching them from afar, but them to bring a New Dawn to their beloved Sibu and let it shine bright and everything will be alright.

I wish upon all my lucky stars that they will be as brave as Adik Rosli Dhoby and make history of their own.

"You have to do it yourself, no one else will do it for you. You must work out your own salvation" ~ Charles E. Popplestone

Monday, May 10, 2010

Politics Over Economy?

I found my favourite Economic Blog here sometimes before, not knowing that this is where The O Great Sir Walla resides!

Since I never took Economics in my formal education years, I could not be able to dwell in such clarity and depth when Sir Walla shared his views on Australia's proposed resources tax but my logic coupled to what I read about the resources giants and their exploration (and exploitation), it is understandably why I concur with Sir Walla's glowing commendation on this real innovation in public finance.

Encik Hafiz Nor Sham
, thinks it's primarily Mr. Rudd's 'gula-gula' to 'reenergise' the weak Labor Party, when he "argued that it's politically innovative. Economically, he'd differ".

Hmmm, I recalled what I wrote in "Politics of Marriage" quoting Aristotle's works on Book VII that opined , "political society exists for the sake of noble actions, and not of mere companionship".

And that makes me wonder a little bit further - do we choose politics over economy? Can I likened that idea to enriching the public versus enriching selective people?

A Hung Parliament in UK caused FTSE to plunge to its worst level in 3 months and the business commmunities have appealed for the political parties to put aside their political horse-trading and put the UK economy at the heart of their thinking, as reported here.

The Guardian expressed their wrote here that a vast majority of Greeks are baying for the blood of those perceived to be responsible for dire straits of the country's public finances - those crooked politicians and businessmen. The country's austerity measures have sent thousands of angry and sorrowful Greeks into the street and a few have lost their lives.

I choked with emotions reading this report - we may well be another Greece if we did not fight to be the Greater Malaysian. I believe everything will be fine when the power in control dispenses the right policies for the right causes - holistically. There's no two-way about it.

I guess, for me, I would always go for right politics above economy. Well, not surprising, the first female winner of Economic Nobel Prize for 2009, Madam Elinor Ostorm, is a political scientist.

"To put the nation in order, we must first out the nation in order; to put the nation in order, we must first put the family in order; to out the family in order, we must first cultivate our personal life; we must first set our hearts right"

~ Confucius

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Finding A Place in Society... Have You Found Yours?

I grew up in the era where Breakdance was slowly making its way into our society and it wasn't welcomed with open arms and heart. Unlike traditional dances, such modern 'artwork' was considered as unbecoming because the adults thought it's too modern (when they couldn't see its beauty) and it's worthless (looking at the kind of youths it appeals to).

This morning, I happened to watch an inspiring "Planet B-Boy" on SMV. It is is a 2007 documentary film that focuses on the 2005 Battle of the Year ("BOTY") - a platform for B-Boys and Hip Hop culture in general and an opportunity for all participants to express themselves in a peaceful and non-racist environment.

In 2005 BOTY, energetic "Last For One" clinched the first place. I knew they would win looking at their impeccable and synergistic artwork. Since then, these have been recognised as a worldwide known name and a contributor to the Korean wave , their fans respectively calling them the 'Dancing Taeguk Warriors' - its national dancing team - that has graced myriads of art scene like performing along with Seoul Traditional Orchestra, featuring in South Korea Tourism Commercial, performing all over the world including 2006 Munich World Cup.

"The final win is not the leap you took from the starting point. It is all the effort and patience it took to reach it" ~ B-boy Fresh (Park Kyung Hoon) (1983)

Their story is heartwarming and inspiring considering they have went through a lot of hardships before and now, they have found their place in our global society. Their presence, not only making the art scene more vibrantly colourful, their passion changes their life and many more hopefuls B-Boy out there.

"I want to be a person that always smiles and becomes a source of strength for someone" ~ A.k.a Min (Jun Hyo Min) (1985)

But, Last for One is where they are today because the society gives them the opportunity to grow and be different. They live in a society that rewards those who are diligent , competitive and brave enough to bring and embrace changes. They have found their place in their society.

This could happen to them because they are, after all, come from South Korea - a dynamic high-income, highly competitive country which has outperformed us in many ways.

Extrinsically, we are no different from them but we are what Albert Camus drew some inspiration from when he said, "Man is the only creature that refuses to be what he is".

So, have you found your place in the society?

"This is the true joy in life - being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one; being thoroughly worn out before you are thrown on the scrap heap; being a force of nature instead of a feverish selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy" ~ George Bernard Shaw

Friday, May 7, 2010

Running Away...From You!

Reading Art's "A Tale from Two Cities" reaffirmed my own conviction that I should run away from those Men in Blue.

I have gone through similar experience a couple of years ago. Once I was told I would be better staying at home and make beautiful babies. A few times they asked me irrelevant personal questions. Some just plain itchy. After some soul-searching as I was very upset being treated that way by the men I put my life-and-death in their hands, I vowed to just ignore them, walk away when they walk towards me, play deaf when they tried to talk to me, and of course, take public transport so they won't have any excuse to stop me.

Though I am well aware that they are too humans, with understandable needs, I, like all women out there, do not wish to be treated as if I am all theirs - they could do and ask anything - since they have the power.

I wish they should look at me as their sister or daughter.

The one that they would look out for.

The one that gives them comfort, protecting the public.

The one that they would treat with great respect and care.

The one that look up to them, keeper of peace.

For now, I will be running away from them...

I Rather Have A Hung Parliament Than...

I rather have a Hung Parliament than 'digantung tak bertali' kind of Government.

After some angry scenes at polling stations where hundreds of would-be voters were turned away after a couple of hours queueing as the doors closed down at 10.00 pm, my favourite Lib Dems lost more seats - indirectly proportionate to Clegg-mania that swept across UK only a week ago. Have the Brits ditched Clegg because it doesn't bode well to try something new and gear for real radical changes during this tumultous time in history? Or were they thinking they should bring back Torries, once helmed by the Iron Lady Baroness Margaret Thatcher, to put 'the house' in order after Brown's messing-up?

As Mr Brown walked into his 10 Downing Street's office, the exit poll results show Torries won 290 seats, with Labour and Lib Dems trailing at 247 and 51 seats, respectively. With only 35 seats yet to be counted, it's a fat chance for Torries to form a majority government - this would lead to the Brits waking up this morning with a Hung Parliament. So, we shall see whether Lib Dems would choose Labours or Torries to be its sparring partner come sunday. Interesting events indeed for we could see who could work together to achieve their ends or would they call for another election next year to attain a solid, single party, majority government.

I digress. My apology for getting overexcited despite disastrous Lib Dems' performance so far.

So, why a Hung Parliament is too many times better than 'digantung tak bertali' kind of government?

In a Hung Parliament, suddenly every one in that coalition is important, especially in the context of Brits, hence there won't be any sleeping partners, any dirts sweep under the carpet, any over-the-top policymaking. One or two crossing is life-threatening. I expect the Brit's Hung Parliament to perform even better than Labour's with the arrival of Kingmaker - colourful Lib Dems.

Unlike a Hung Parliament, 'digantung tak bertali' Parliament would render you as a voter worthless. Let me put it this way.

Imagine a woman marrying a man because she thinks she loves him, she admires his pedigree, she feels secured with his account balance, she thinks he's smart because he garduated from some overseas university, drives porsche cayenne and dons Armani suit. He brings her to every party in town. Both of them look perfect together.

Still, she feels that he hasn't done enough for you as his wife. He goes where he wants to go, without telling you. Her texts to him are never responded - she wonders if she's married if she doesn't even know where her husband is at times.

He speaks when he wants to and it's been quite a while since the last time he spoke to her and she still remember it because he was whispering little sweet nothings so she could treat him good that night.

For all the money he gives her, he rarely gives her respect and attention. She wants to be appreciated. She wants to be good to others and not taking advantage over people. She thinks everyone is equal and deserves better treatment and respect from him. And he thinks she's too emotional and demanding. He forgets he marries a human being, with heaps and barrels of emotions and hormones to deal with, not an ASIMO robot or a Barbie Doll.

She wonders why he treats her like a stranger. She contemplate her fate being a wife to a man who doesn't have an inkling what it takes to be a husband, a better half of her.

She has tried talking to him about their relationship but he thinks theirs is perfectly fine so why rock the boat, he replied.

She once dreamt for a man whom she can call her man. Today, it wrecks her heart to see her man, the one who once vowed "he will be hers in time of plenty and in times of want, in times of sickness and in times of health, in times of failure and in times of triumph, promising to respect and cherish her, to care and protect her, to comfort and encourage her, and stay with her for all eternity", does not live up to his words.

In gist, we could have a government today but what good does it make if it neglect us?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Brits Get To Vote With Clear Emotions

"Let's not forget that the little emotions are the great captains of our lives and we obey them without realizing it" ~ Vincent Van Gogh, 1889

Surat Khabar Lama says we voters shouldn't get emotional but I don't believe him a bit. How could we not get emotional voting for our future, especially when we have suffered much - thanks to his selective emotions for the past 3 decades?

"When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion" ~ Dale Carnegie

Every election - general or buy-election - I would wake up emotional, not out of insecurity or unfounded fears but being a self-professed part-time psychic, I capture high emotions and hopes lingering heavily in the air. I make a point to 'deafen' them by doing serious spring cleaning and gardening.

This morning I woke up with a shudder, a joyous, hopeful one because the Brits will wake up to vote their next government later. How excitingly emotional and I am not even Brit!

Though I didn't really follow this exciting election with the arrival of refreshing Liberal Democrats to break the monotony of Tories and Labours, I cried watching Nick Clegg's first televised Election Debate that saw him emerged victorious.

If you visit the website of Lib Dems, as famously referred to, you could clearly see what this party is all about and I really like their manifesto, which you could see below.

Like Obama's, their campaign focuses on "Change", giving back the rights back to those who needed them the most and dealing with what matters most. Reading Nick Clegg's personal guarantee makes me wonder how wonderful this Ibu Pertiwi could be if we have brave men like him during this time of great adversity, peculiarity and everything silly.

Having an extra soft spot for children, I am head over heel with Lib Dems, after going through their education plans, amongst others are as follows: -

To make sure every child gets the best start;

2. Liberal Democrats want every child to get an excellent education because it is the best way to get on in life, get a good job, and learn about the world

3. Liberal Democrats are the only party which believes university education should be free and everyone who has the ability should be able to go to university and not be put off by the cost.
So unlike certain GMO that only pursue on the gifted. For me, all children are gifted if they are given the best opportunities.

"Youth is a wonderful thing. What a crime to waste it on children" ~ George Bernard Shaw

I wish my fellow Brits all the best in their endeavour, voting the people that could bring changes for benefits of all. Even if Lib Dems lost again, this time around, I know these people would remain standing because courage doesn't roar - sometimes it is just a little voice at the end of the day that says "I'll try again tomorrow" (Mary Anne Radmacher).

p.s. Did you notice how properly organised and transparent their election is being carried out? All parties get the same. !Sigh! Here in our Ibu Pertiwi, our system leave nothing to be desired.

Walter H. Judd
once said, "People often say that, in a democracy, decisions are made by a majority of the people. Of course, that is not true. Decisions are made by a majority of those who make themselves heard and who vote - a very different thing".

So, have you get yourself and your loved ones registered?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Forbidden Love

They say Muse's "Resistance" is about forbidden love - a love that should be a secret or lest the lovers' world will start tumbling down, a love nobody else would comprehend except these two souls, where every moment is priceless for this meeting would be their last. It is too risky yet denying it would cost their sanity for the rest of their life.

"The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread"
~ Mother Teresa

Forbidden love is all about living for that very moment. So, if it is too complicated, why do they continue and give hopes to each other, wishfully thinking things will get better one fine day because they stick to their love?

The battle we are fighting these days are like the forbidden love. People at large could feel the romanticism of it but to continue living, love just ain't enough to most people. Too bad, these people have been 'programmed' to ask this before they plunge into love - "What's in it for me? I take cash and credit, title and special interest only. No hardship please".

"There is no surprise more magical than the surprise of being loved. It is God's finger on man's shoulder" ~ Charles Morgan

For those who are in love, have been in love or perhaps, appreciate the idea of love, allow me to ask you these simple questions: -

1. Is it sinful to treat to another human beings, even if they are of different races, creeds and lifestyles, with kindness, respect and dignity?

2. Is it unjust to do something right?

3. Is it unfair to be fair?

4. Is it wrong to be right?

5. It is too painful to apologise when we did wrong?

6. Is it pathetic to be empathic?

7. Is it irrelevant to be relevant?

8. Is it unthinkable to be able to think and be thoughtful?

9. Is it nonsense to make sense and apply our senses?

10. Is it too much to ask for love of this "Tanah Tumpahnya Darahku" and its people that we would care for them like "menatang minyak yang penuh"?

If you still think we are crazy fighting for the love of this country, well, "when love is not madness, it is not love" (Pedro Calderon de la Barca). Even Queen thinks so too in their "Crazy Little Thing Called Love".