Saturday, May 15, 2010

Thomas Cup - Losing Another Opportunity

I made one call to someone in our organization around 4.40pm yesterday - it seems I couldn't get my emails out to the recipients and that really blew my TGIF mood. I thought he could help me up STAT but unfortunately I needed to get it from someone else and since it's already Friday, all I could do was sending out an email. He told me it's already 'injury time'. Oh! Thomas Cup's Semi Final - Malaysia against China! Despite his enthusiasm, he told me he would watch the games at home. He later asked me whether our team would win tonight. Jokingly I replied, "Malaysia Boleh maaa, but if Bik Mama makes herself available at the stadium, our team will surely lose - big time!". We laughed and as usual, I did it hyena way :P

Shit, with Bik Mama's around, I went to bed by 9 and had many great dreams (wow, lately I dream almost every single night and I met so many people in them). Thank God, I saved myself from cursing in front of the tellies looking at how fragile our boys could be in our own backyard (and definitely allowing my parents to watch their programs in peace!).

Reading Chong Wai's response after his humiliating defeat to B-Boy Lin Dan (wow, he's so cool!), I wonder why he felt so threatened to the extent he couldn't find a space to fight the shuttle cock! Was he so mentally unprepared for this big game? Was he so under pressure that he couldn't think straight? How did he manage to win games overseas? Or was there other forces at work last night or every time Bik Mama was around? So scandalous!

I told Zewt most Malaysian men are not courageous - lembik except for their tongues whenever they exchange derogatory not-much-thinking opinions. If they are the brave lots, if they deem they come from families of 'pejuang bangsa dan negara', if they know they have to give their very best, if they know how much hopes we put on their shoulders to make this place a better place - this Motherland would be a lovely place for all her sons and daughters.

Still, I remain firm to say that Bik Mama is the cause of our loss. She's a psycho! There's definitely something evil around her.

Let me tell you why. As you know, there are many eating places that use 'pelaris' - some sort of amulets to 'entice' people to eat at their places even when the food is lousy. For unknown reasons, my sisters and Mak could detect such 'pelaris' being used in those eateries. We would start to feel nausea and vomit it all out afterward, if we ingested the food. These reactions are unreasonable to many when they are being thronged by many people who think the food is absolutely delicious!

So, when it comes to people, we have that feelings too. Some people shine because their hearts are pure, their intentions are sincere. Some people smell like rats, they believe in evil ways to pursue their earthly desires.

Hmm, it's too bad that we lost our place in the Final. I just hope Coach Misbun and the rest of his coaches would do something - fast - to strengthen our boys mentally and physically. Burn some fighting spirit in them like our heroes that won Thomas Cup 3 times in a row back in 1949?

Hmm, it's too bad that we have this kind of problem even beyond our comical political scene. We will continue to lose if each of us goes on like this. Something has to be done!

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