Friday, May 7, 2010

I Rather Have A Hung Parliament Than...

I rather have a Hung Parliament than 'digantung tak bertali' kind of Government.

After some angry scenes at polling stations where hundreds of would-be voters were turned away after a couple of hours queueing as the doors closed down at 10.00 pm, my favourite Lib Dems lost more seats - indirectly proportionate to Clegg-mania that swept across UK only a week ago. Have the Brits ditched Clegg because it doesn't bode well to try something new and gear for real radical changes during this tumultous time in history? Or were they thinking they should bring back Torries, once helmed by the Iron Lady Baroness Margaret Thatcher, to put 'the house' in order after Brown's messing-up?

As Mr Brown walked into his 10 Downing Street's office, the exit poll results show Torries won 290 seats, with Labour and Lib Dems trailing at 247 and 51 seats, respectively. With only 35 seats yet to be counted, it's a fat chance for Torries to form a majority government - this would lead to the Brits waking up this morning with a Hung Parliament. So, we shall see whether Lib Dems would choose Labours or Torries to be its sparring partner come sunday. Interesting events indeed for we could see who could work together to achieve their ends or would they call for another election next year to attain a solid, single party, majority government.

I digress. My apology for getting overexcited despite disastrous Lib Dems' performance so far.

So, why a Hung Parliament is too many times better than 'digantung tak bertali' kind of government?

In a Hung Parliament, suddenly every one in that coalition is important, especially in the context of Brits, hence there won't be any sleeping partners, any dirts sweep under the carpet, any over-the-top policymaking. One or two crossing is life-threatening. I expect the Brit's Hung Parliament to perform even better than Labour's with the arrival of Kingmaker - colourful Lib Dems.

Unlike a Hung Parliament, 'digantung tak bertali' Parliament would render you as a voter worthless. Let me put it this way.

Imagine a woman marrying a man because she thinks she loves him, she admires his pedigree, she feels secured with his account balance, she thinks he's smart because he garduated from some overseas university, drives porsche cayenne and dons Armani suit. He brings her to every party in town. Both of them look perfect together.

Still, she feels that he hasn't done enough for you as his wife. He goes where he wants to go, without telling you. Her texts to him are never responded - she wonders if she's married if she doesn't even know where her husband is at times.

He speaks when he wants to and it's been quite a while since the last time he spoke to her and she still remember it because he was whispering little sweet nothings so she could treat him good that night.

For all the money he gives her, he rarely gives her respect and attention. She wants to be appreciated. She wants to be good to others and not taking advantage over people. She thinks everyone is equal and deserves better treatment and respect from him. And he thinks she's too emotional and demanding. He forgets he marries a human being, with heaps and barrels of emotions and hormones to deal with, not an ASIMO robot or a Barbie Doll.

She wonders why he treats her like a stranger. She contemplate her fate being a wife to a man who doesn't have an inkling what it takes to be a husband, a better half of her.

She has tried talking to him about their relationship but he thinks theirs is perfectly fine so why rock the boat, he replied.

She once dreamt for a man whom she can call her man. Today, it wrecks her heart to see her man, the one who once vowed "he will be hers in time of plenty and in times of want, in times of sickness and in times of health, in times of failure and in times of triumph, promising to respect and cherish her, to care and protect her, to comfort and encourage her, and stay with her for all eternity", does not live up to his words.

In gist, we could have a government today but what good does it make if it neglect us?

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