Monday, May 24, 2010

Boycott A'Famosa Resort NOW!

Most Malaysians are stupid - even after complaining how filthy this resort is, how terrible the service is, how exorbitant the charges are - they remain flocking this resort.

That's typical of Malaysians, especially the Malays, who tend to associate UMNO(NO-bloody-WAY) with protecting the Malays' rights, thus associating A'Famosa with such greatness in hospitality. Damn Idiots!

Come this school holiday, please, please, please I beg you out there - BOYCOTT A'FAMOSA RESORT!

Yes, you can allow this lousy resort operator to fool you but never let them abuse these tigers and other animals kept in captivity there.

Please, these animals deserve a decent treatment - they have feelings too - these God's creatures are priceless gifts we have for our future generations. Yes, the best gift in life is the gift of life to every single living beings. Think about it.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

"A'Famose under Fire over 'Drugged Tigers'"

A'Famosa Animal World Safari in Malacca came under fire from wildlife activists over a video posted on YouTube showing an apparently drugged tiger being prodded and poked for the amusement of visitors.

The two-minute clip shows the tiger lying on a slab at the wildlife park in the A'Famosa resort while a handler invites visitors walking around it to take pictures with the animal.

The handler then prods and pokes the big cat to force it to pose and even uses his knee to jab its head into an upright pose for a photograph.

"This is horrible and a disgrace that an animal is treated in this fashion. We must stop such abuse and the perpetrators must be punished," Friends of the Earth Malaysia president SM Idris told AFP.

Wildlife trade watchdog TRAFFIC criticised the park's use of captive tigers for entertainment.

"If they acquire tigers for this use, it gives Malaysia a very bad reputation as it shows the park is using the tigers for entertainment instead of educational purposes," senior officer Kanitha Krishnasamy told AFP.

'Tiger was just drowsy'

A'Famosa resort general manager Allan Chee denied the tiger was abused at the park, which has more than 20 tigers and numerous other species.

"There was no abuse to the tiger, the tiger was just drowsy and lazy after being fed and so was being prodded by the handler to get into position," he told AFP.

He said the park prided itself on its animal performances, with elephants playing football and others allowed to roam freely.

However, state wildlife and national parks head Abdul Rahim Othman told AFP the park had been warned over having such photo sessions with animals which can be viewed as abuse.

"We have warned them and will carry out further investigations and if they continue to violate our warnings, we can take action against them including pulling their licences," he said.

Just 3,200 tigers are believed to remain in the wild, down from an estimated 100,000 a century ago - AFP

p.s. Check out "Save The Tiger Fund" site for why tigers matter in our ecosystem. Yes, again, every God's creation is tasked for a purpose when it is given a lease of life in this world. What's yours?


Uncle Lee said...

Hello Fi-Sha, well spoken. Should be more people like you with your 'without fear or favour' mention.
Regret to read of the Tigers being drugged...for the amusement of the public.
If it had happened here...the boss da kena gantung, the employees below him or her...their faces and names exposed in all the papers.
I too dislike people who mistreat animals.
Fi-Shah, you my kind of lady, wayyyyy to go!
Best regards, lee.

Fi-sha said...

Oh Dear - me and my foul mouth!

Hi Uncle Lee

Thanks for your support towards animals rights - I believe people who care for animals would contribute towards making a better marriage, family, neighbour, colleague, member of society etc....

Hopefully by now, you know my true self - being a wood tiger/pisces woman.

Antares said...

Grrrrrr. You bring out the pussycat in me, Fi-Sha. Allan Chee must be good buddies with Ali Rustam - they speak the same lingo of arrogance and denial.

Anonymous said...


Saw your blog entry on A famosa. Makes my blood boil.

i have made it my mission to send the you tube video to 100 travel blogs in the region.

Boycott habis habis. Such organisations should not exist; and people who pay them dollars to see animals suffer are idiots