Tuesday, May 4, 2010

To All Mother's Child...

Who should I give my love to?

My respect and my honor to?

Who should I pay good mind to?
After Allah, And Rasulullah

Comes your mother

Who next? Your mother

Who next? Your mother
And then your father

~ Yusuf Islam’s “
My Mother

That is what Prophet Muhammad PBUH replied when he was asked about whom we should give our all in our life.

It’s our mother.

One mortal being who carries us for 9 full months – try sleeping with 5-kg backpack on your tummy for months on end and tell me if you too wonder how could she continue doing so when men generally think women are weak and worthless.

The one who thinks only the best for you – even it means being deprived of sleep, vanity and being dainty, on top of keeping her house spick and span, even when she is in great pain.

The one who continues to worry about us even after we have left home and build our own family - a child in a mother’s eyes never outgrow the one she first held in her arms.

She would be the one that let us take our first baby steps – taking risks that we could fall – because she trusts us to roam her place full with little things she treasures.

She would be the one that make us stopped crying on our first day in school because we believe her when she says we are the brightest, the most obedient and the kindest child in class, one day we could be the one who will bring goodness to this earth.

She would be the one with tears rolling down her cheeks at the dining table because we were not there when she cooked our favourite dishes.

A child would never ever be able to repay the deeds his mother has done to him, no matter how much he spent on her, because a mother would never hurt his child and it never crossed her mind that her child is a nuisance – we are her precious gift from God. With our presence, she sees God's greatest gift to human beings - that is to love unconditionally.

How could we say we have done enough for her when we just left her crying because we thought she’s just being too emotional? How could we claim we have made her proud and happy of who we are today if we continued doing the wrong things she never taught us in the first place?

Above all, how do you think she would feel knowing her child was killed in unthinkable circumstances, 100 metres from her house, by the men whom she has entrusted his beloved child’s safety in their hands?

Every mother has a special place for her son, especially the one and only son, because for her, he is the only other man in her life, next to her husband.

This coming Mother’s Day would be extremely painful for Adik Aminulrasyid’s mother. My heart weeps for her and for Adik Aminulrasyid. My sadness is beyonds words - if my tears could console their weary hearts.

What if we had done some grave injustice to him by putting those inhumane leaders running the show in this country as if it is a Bollywood movie in Bolehland that had caused him his lost, denying his dear wishes to be the one that protects his mother since his father passed away four years ago?

Let’s offer our prayers to Adik Aminulrasyid, whose precious life has been taken away mercilessly.

Let’s show her mother that her child’s untimely death is our driving force to drive out injustice and blatant brutality by voting out this Government.

Let's not spare another precious life.

Let's not put this unforgiven sadness to another woman we called mother....

Al-fatihah to Adik Aminulrasyid. May your soul rest in peace. I know you are out looking at us, looking through your forlorn eyes. I wish I could offer comfort to your broken hearted mother but I know only you could do that. Please, Adik Aminulrasyid, please tell her that you are now in better place so she could live through this life on the other side feeling a little relieved, a little stronger, a little brighter despite her great loss for we will not let you die in vain.


joshua wong said...

Dear Fi-sha,

Your article is so touchingly written. Now let me wipe that little tear from the corner of my eyes.

Down with this government who would even killed its own children.

Fi-sha said...

Hi Joshua
Thanks for your comforting words. I don't have a child of my own but I know how it feels losing someone you dearly loved.