Monday, May 17, 2010

Throw Away Semua Barang Lama

Chuck Surat Khabar Lama and everything and everyone Lama. Welcome New Politics!

New politics is no longer about holding on to power. New politics is about using the power we have to dispense the right policies for everyone. New politics is telling all leaders that you have to listen to your people and yes, we are your boss and not the other way around.

It's about empowering people. It strives towards better society. It embraces differences.

People come together because they want to make a difference. People fight together because what inflict the other caused so much pain in them too - it's too selfish just to look and do nothing about it. People stand together, hand in hand, because united we stand, divided we fall - come rain or shine, people will stay together. These are all ingredients to New Politics!

New Politics in this Motherland isn't about expressing our protest. It's about people coming together doing the right compelling things right. After all, we are all humans that God has selected amongst His many great creations, the leaders (the Khalifahs) of this world. If there is a call for us to abandon New Politics, it is like asking us humans to be less humane!

Here's a very interesting writing by Paulo Coelho's "Satan Sells Used Object" that explains wo well on the temptations being used to make us heartless, helpless and hapless: -

Needing to adapt to the new times, Satan decided to get rid of a whole lot of his stock of temptations. He placed an ad in the newspaper and attended his customers all day in his workshop.

It was a fantastic stock:-

1. Stones for the virtuous to stumble over;

2. Mirrors for increasing one’s self-importance; and

3. Spectacles that reduced the importance of others.

Some objects hanging on the wall drew a lot of attention: a dagger with a curved blade to be used on someone’s back, and tape-recorders that registered only gossip and lies.

"Don’t worry about the price!", shouted old Satan to the potential customers. "Take it home today and pay for it whenever you can!"

One of the visitors noticed two tools lying in a corner that seemed to be quite worn and attracted little attention. But they were very expensive. Curious, he wanted to know the reason for that apparent discrepancy.

"They are worn because they are the ones that I use most of all", answered Satan with a laugh. "If they drew a lot of attention, people would know how to protect themselves. However, they are both worth the price I am asking for them - one is Doubt, the other is the Inferiority Complex. All the other temptations can sometimes fail, but these two always work".

p.s. On the note of 'barang lama', this might explain why I am prone to spring clean.


mh said...

Nicely written Fi-sha. There are so many more modern 'weapons' that lie & fool good people completely!

Fi-sha said...

Hi mh

Thanks for dropping by. Good people wont be fooled but those being fooled are the doubtful ones, which might explain why we have more fence sitters and bystanders now. And you could see the effect of these no-action-no-talk lots when we have accidents on the roads. People would stop by but not all are doing anything because they think no waht they do, the victim would die anyway. They could be wrong but these lots are ones without hopes, without courage, without compassion - they are just simply afraid to change.

Sorry, i talked too much, as always.