Thursday, May 13, 2010

In Deep Thinking Mode (Audrey Hepburn Style)

Yes, while listening to these songs, I've selected for Sibu Buy-Election: -

1. Annie Lennox's "Sweet Dream" - Yes my brothers and sisters in Sibu, hold your head up!

Some of them want to use you

Some of them want to get used by you

Some of them want to abuse you

Some of them want to be abused

Hold your head up - keep your head up - moving on!

2. Michael Buble's "Peroxide Swing" - Yes Sibu Voters, swing your votes and take this chance of your life time...

Make your move, take a chance

Just get on the the floor and dance

Don't be cool, don't be slick

Just keep on swinging, keep on swinging, keep on swinging, keep on swinging

3. Sam Cooke's "Shake" - Shake off your fears of BeNd, do it right, with all your might!

If you wanna really roll

Gotta do that thing with soul

Shake the shake with all your might

Now, if you do it, do it right


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Fi-Shah, ahaa! I see you love this elegant outfit.
Hmmm, okay, no problemos....I'll call up my favourite boutique, 'Tonight is the night'...and ask them show me something similar if they have.
You drop by later....*Wink*. Lee.

nightcaller said...


Try as we might...reality sometimes sucks, especially when Sibu fall because

"It's only words, and words are all I have, to take your heart away" - Bee Gees

But do not despair, our Chinese friends in Peninsular Malaysia is fuming mad with the "goodies style" politics engage by Najib. Can BN afford to give each one of us a laptop in GE 13? or millions for each kampung ?

Look at it this way, even if BN retain Sibu, PR wins for the rakyat with the millions promised and spent there. If BN lose, the rakyat wins with PR to keep BN in check in the parliament.

In short, either way - PR will win Sibu.

Fi-sha said...

Dear Uncle Lee

My apology for causing you so much trouble - by now, you should know i am difficult :), which is clearly reflected in my child-like preference.

Hi Mr DNightcaller

Life sucks but that won't suck the life out of me :) (hows that, OK tak?)

Kalah, menang - lawan tetap kita lawan...