Friday, May 7, 2010

Running Away...From You!

Reading Art's "A Tale from Two Cities" reaffirmed my own conviction that I should run away from those Men in Blue.

I have gone through similar experience a couple of years ago. Once I was told I would be better staying at home and make beautiful babies. A few times they asked me irrelevant personal questions. Some just plain itchy. After some soul-searching as I was very upset being treated that way by the men I put my life-and-death in their hands, I vowed to just ignore them, walk away when they walk towards me, play deaf when they tried to talk to me, and of course, take public transport so they won't have any excuse to stop me.

Though I am well aware that they are too humans, with understandable needs, I, like all women out there, do not wish to be treated as if I am all theirs - they could do and ask anything - since they have the power.

I wish they should look at me as their sister or daughter.

The one that they would look out for.

The one that gives them comfort, protecting the public.

The one that they would treat with great respect and care.

The one that look up to them, keeper of peace.

For now, I will be running away from them...


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Fi-Sha, very interesting post.
You have a happy mother's day. Stay young and keep well, Lee.

Fi-sha said...

Hi Uncle Lee

Thank you for the well wishes. May you have a pleasant Sunday...