Monday, May 31, 2010

In Malaysia or Gaza - Life is Cheap

This morning, as I was making my cuppa in the pantry, my colleagues asked me if i still remember Norhashimah Wahid - one lady who used to sit in front of my mentor's room in our old office. Of course I remember her - she's one beautiful, friendly and active lady. If you know how blur I could be with the going-ons in my workplace and its people, that kind of remarks is genuinely a compliment - I pay attention to people who touch other's life in small or big ways. She is one of those people with a big heart.

He told me she passed away this morning, leaving behind her beloved husband and a 2-year old little girl. I gasped for air to breathe because I couldn't believe that she succumbed to illness while undergoing her 7-months PTD course in Kem Jugra Banting - I recalled her being such a sportswoman. How could that be?!

You must have read about her demise here. I wonder why our Diplomatic Officers had to go through such harsh training. I wonder why the training organiser (Read:Gomen) could be so heartless. I wonder why even in Malaysia, our life could be so cheap.

We had enough death of our youngsters in PLKN camps, lock-ups and roads. We had enough mysterious deaths of those people who fight for human rights. We had enough of being treated as if we are worthless. No one deserve to die under her circumstances - it's so inhumane and illogical.

It's heartbreaking. Those responsible lost their mind and that caused her beloved family to lose a wife, a mother and a daughter.

Al-fatihah to Allahyarhamah Norhashimah Wahid. May her soul rest amongst the righteous. May God grant her loved ones strength, soothes their weary hearts, guide their wondering minds.


Anonymous said...

I have went through DPA. And it's not harsh at all. Mine is 6 1/2 months. There were times when DPA was for 1 year.

N no, the commando training is not for 7 months. DPA consists of indoor modules and outdoor modules. And during my time, we had OBS instead of this Kem Bina Semangat.

We were not force to complete the outdoor modules. IF we are not well, we are given options whether to quit the module or repeat it with the juniors. And the word REPEAT is/was not a fond word for DPA cadets.

As a PTD officer, I never thought DPA is a 'deadly' course. This is very sad.

Al-Fatihah for my junior.

Fi-sha said...

Dear Anon

Thank you for penning your thoughts on this tragedy.

Yes, this KOMANDO shouldn't be deadly though I heard from some other PTDs how inhumane and cruel it had been for them (hmm, i wonder if such courses explain the sorry state of our public services).

What's deadly is inaction of those responsible and those who handle her when shes ill. Perhaps, they were thinking she was giving excuses to avoid going through tough training because some people tend to do that (look at 36K fake MC issued to civil servants reported recently). Perhaps, they were thinking her illness wasn't serious and it is not worth it to spend some money to go for proper check up and perhaps, they were told by the gomen doctors (incompetent, no?) she's only having a normal fever.

For such negligence, a precious life is lost.

Nonetheless, I know you're different from those responsible.

Thank you again for your time sir.