Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Long Live People's Power

I woke up to a New Politics in UK, with my fave Lib Dems agreed to form a coalition government with the Torries. Nick Clegg came up with this beautiful speech (to my heart's intuition of course so I don't care if you think it's pathetic) and I feel much better today (though things in our Ibu Pertiwi seem to get even worse by minutes).

Still, the limelight of my day is news on Nonoy leading the Philippines' Presidential Election. I reminisced reading through many materials on his beloved mother, Tita Cory, months ago that prompted me to urge all of us to learn a thing or two from the Great Tita Cory and her people. Nonoy's victory to Malacanang Palace is all about courage - the courage to uphold democracy - first started by his beloved father, Ninoy - as eloquently written here (by DSAI) and here (by Mr. Clayton Jones).

It's timely since only a few more days from today, our brothers and sisters in Sibu would cross their rights.

Either they cross their rights to continue being sidelined by the government.

Or cross their rights to make a change this part of our Ibu Pertiwi really needs.

Or cross their rights to abstain from contributing towards the badness or goodness of this beloved land we all called my Motherland.

I sincerely hope they will clearly see what DAP could give them if they just look towards upnorth at our Pulau Mutiara.

I pray deeply that they will follow their heart - not out of oppression nor obligation - but with clear conscience and sincere compassion, not for us, watching them from afar, but them to bring a New Dawn to their beloved Sibu and let it shine bright and everything will be alright.

I wish upon all my lucky stars that they will be as brave as Adik Rosli Dhoby and make history of their own.

"You have to do it yourself, no one else will do it for you. You must work out your own salvation" ~ Charles E. Popplestone

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