Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Joy of Gardening

I don't have a perfect garden but I love it to bits. Like cooking, i find the act of gardening is one of the best therapy in the world. Like parenting as quoted by Fred G. Gosman, gardening allows me to focus on the joys, not the hassles; the love, not the disappointments; the common sense, not the complexities. I am my true self in a garden...

If there is one garden where i want to be right now, it has to be Tropical Spice Garden at Teluk Bahang and it has my favourite hangout point - a big swing overlooking the sea, while sipping exotic juices concocted at the Spice Cafe. If you are in Pulau Mutiara, you MUST visit this little heaven on earth. You will never come out of that place the same. Indeed, nature provides the best elixir to any living beings.

They say, no matter how small your home is, there is always a room for gardening. Why don't you start planting one soon? For that, you have to visit my dear good friend PT Corporate Athlete's Farm Fitness and The Wild Gym.

May i indulge you with a few beautiful quotes on gardening?

Gardening is a kind of self-prescribed preventative medicine, good for all ills

A little garden in which to walk and immensity in which to dream

One of the most delightful things about a garden is the anticipation it provides

When the world wearies and society ceases to satisfy, there is always the garden

A garden is a friend you can visit anytime

Garden : A thing of beauty and a job forever

If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need

Men are like plants – they never grow happily unless they are well cultivated

There are no ancient gentlemen but gardeners

All my hurts my garden spade can heal

He who plants a garden plants happiness

Thank You Yang Berkhidmat Jeff Ooi

The first ever blog i read was Malaysia's Most Influential Blog that belongs to YB Jeff Ooi and I have to say he is the very reason i started blogging. So, whenever i read anything about him, i get very emotionally charged. Despite being a very busy man, especially after being Jelutong's MP in Mar 2008, YB Jeff never fails to reply to my smses (as i would ask him about his eye operation, how's things going with 'jentera pilihanraya Pakatan Rakyat', amongst others and mind you, i am a total stranger to YB Jeff). He's truly a people MP, you could never find one in our shameful Gomen.

p.s. I hope his
new phone is up and running now..

Recently, there have been rife rumuors that he will resign from his current position of Pulau Mutiara State Government's Chief of Staff on reasons that not many people in the state government could adapt to his level of professionalism (Read : he does things in fast and efficient ways that makest ex-B(e)N(d) people in the state government look anciently stupid).

Alhamdulillah, he won't do that. Alhamdulillah, he will stay on to make sure Pulau Mutiara will be a better place for its people and investors alike. Alhamdulillah, he shows the world that his responsibility to the people outweighs every single disappointment he has experienced for the past 1 year, trying to make things right when Gerakan had jumbled up everything in Pulau Mutiara, my dream 'home', for decades.

I understand how it feels doing things professional but people around you thinks you are trying to suck up to your bosses or your customers, and yes, i have even been regarded as flirty just being helpful, understanding and 'thinking outside the box'. Being raised by super efficient Mak, I cannot tolerate slow people, unnecessary complicated procedures (Mak always say "Kita buat dia, bukan dia buat kita") and 'dormant' people.

Our Ibu Pertiwi should have more leaders like YB Jeff - brainy, bold, brave and balanced persona.

Dear YB Jeff, my prayers and thoughts are with you and your beloved family during this difficult time. May God bless you always, as always.

Robet Frost says “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I - I took the one less travelled, and that has made all the difference". So, would you take that road less travelled in your life?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Will You Help Me?

I Seriously Think….

1. We should have separate LRT and KTMB Commuter carriages for (a) men only (b) women only and (c) unisex. While we are busy promoting public transport, I wish that we could make it ‘sexual harassment-free’. I took Putra LRT from Kg Bharu yesterday evening (tactic to ensure I get on the train instead of waiting for too long at Dang Wangi). It’s full and I was so unfortunate to be pushed next to a guy. He was gyrating his pelvis next to my hip and seriously, I could feel – gosh, should I say it here – his manhood was changing in size and even after me stamping my heel on his foot, he got this smile on his face! Eeeeeeeeewwwww. Yucks! I felt like vomiting coming out at Masjid Jamek and that shitty experience really gave me shivers. Do you think I should call out for help in the train? Would you guys believe me?

p.s. OK, I am going to safeguard myself with a pin that will send the bloody harasser screaming.

2. UM(ph)NO should stop sending throngs of makcik, pakcik, muda belia naik bas datang KL for their ass-em(pty)-bl(urr)y. What a total waste of taxpayers’ money and not to mention the maddening traffic jam all around KL (dah la salahguna riders). On top of my shitty experience above, I saw luxurious express coaches with makciks and “Kota Tinggi’ placard in front. Arghhhhhhh! - AlBlur’s supporters from my hometown! I wonder how much they are being paid for this ‘holiday package’.

You see, I hate AlBlur and anyone ‘yang bersekongkol’ with him. When I went back to my hometown 2 weeks ago, my parents and aunts were invited to this ‘kenduri kahwin’ – a son to my mom’s cousin. We didn’t go (Chu cynically told her that we couldn’t make it without our sequinned baju kurung and kebaya to don since we were not informed in advance – because the makcik is acting like she’s Mak Datin). Actually, we went back to visit Cik Aya and it didn’t feel right to be soak in merriment mood when we were sending her for mastectomy (alhamdullilah, she’s now back home). It turned out that our other relatives came over to Tok’s house and were busy asking who went for the kenduri – apparently, nobody did – it's a protest.

The reason being this – Tok Chu, the father to this makcik, suffers from chronic diabetes, both his legs were amputated. He lives in the house with his second wife (the first wife passed away more than 10 years ago to heart attack). We have been hearing that his children (except for one who is living in Riyadh now with her family) never attend to them. They rely on taxis and good Samaritans to ferry them to hospital and even, our kenduri. They simply ignore these old couple.

Why they never come? They said Tok Chu and his stepmother don’t like them. My God, they must be out of their mind having such ill thoughts against a parent who had put his life at stake driving the taxi to put food on the table for them. How could they ignore such selfless sacrifice by Tok Chu? How could one do that to one’s parents?

What I am trying to highlight see is that, that makcik, is a strong supporter of AlBlur. She procured contracts to supply things to prisons in Johore and all. They become rich, big houses, big cars and easy money to spend on luxury we hardworking people can only dream. Another sibling makes money by ferrying OKU to Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat in our hometwon to send in their application for monthly allowance and these poor people even have to pay ‘duit kopi’ if they want their application to be processed fast (or else, they have to wait for at least 1 year). For me, that’s duit haram. Duit haram turned your heart ‘black’, making you less humane.

This is just another story about UM(ph)NO suckers. Will they ever change?

Oh, before i forgot. En. Hishamuddin Rais wrote a great piece of thoughtful write up on capitalism in his blog (how timely) to support my argument here. This is a must-read.

p.s. I apologise for the strong words used in this posting.

Persona Non Grata, You are Not...Never

Uncle Pete never fails to kick some senses into my kepala batu (dan my hati batu). He makes me - LOL, share my profanities in my blog (pity you), cry my eyes out (even at work, I might lose my Ice Queen title soon) and above all, I feel I am a better human being (angkat bakul sendiri, sorry).

Reading his “I am now persona non grata and living in exile”, I wonder what makes him and Aunt Marina remain strong till these days after what they have gone through. I wish to know why they choose to walk this path, where no money and no title whatsoever waiting for them along the way. Is he trying to achieve martyrdom – the first in Modern Malaysia? Would our sympathy, if you think that’s what he’s trying to do coming out with such confession, makes him our hero, he’ll become so popular all TV station wanted to interview him?

I know there are many people out there who have gone through tumultuous time in life (some continue to experience such adversity till their old age). Many would think they are losers, unlucky lots and just plain lazy and ignorant (for not making efforts to change their live for betterment). Somehow, we forget – these days, what we go through are inflicted by others for a reason or another, tinged with jealousy and greed.

I can’t stop thinking what good would it bring to those people in Pakatan Rakyat that got holed up and injured by the Police F(a)rce recently in Sg Petani. I can’t comprehend why would they put their lives for us to experience a better Ibu Pertiwi. Don’t they ever think of their loved ones? Why would they stay in one when there is no money and victory guaranteed? Love for the people and Ibu Pertiwi - there will be no appropriate word to define such act.

Uncle Pete, I am forever indebted to you, we are. Uncle Pete, you may be persona non grata to your royal family but you and your family are very much of our big family. Our prayers are with you – always (perhaps, these keep you going so far, in their little ways how we wish).

Uncle Pete and Auntie Marina, I wish you both can feel it that there are many people out there who really cares for you both.

Come what may, let’s pull through this, together. You will never walk alone!

One Hour..That's All It Takes

Does switching off our energy consumption for an hour out of 365 days make us a primitive? Do we really need to be on the edge of technology advancement to qualify as a civilized planet earth citizen? Please, we can’t be that shallow right?

Talking about energy, in Malaysia we pay through our nose (Courtersy of TNB) produced energy (but not utilised). Still, Gomen feels we need Nuclear Energy Plant. I guess that will make us a Developed Country. Are we really energy-starved or just money-hungry?

This Saturday, let’s vote for Earth Hour. Let's do it together with our loved ones. I plan to light candles - a symbolic gesture to many - sending off my prayers and thoughts to those who have been 'abused' (in many unimaginable ways), neglected and feel 'lonely' (sadly in this busy and well connected world).

So, do you think it’s just simply switching off lights at home? We can do more, don’t we? TV, handphone, radio and other electrical and electronic devices too, if possible. Let’s mesmerize our sight with the magical view of night – the black sky dotted with twinkling stars and smiling moon (there is you know but of course it doesn't have its eyes).

p.s. Aiya, shopping tak boleh ok!

Let’s invigorate our soul with the sound of nature. Let’s refresh our body and mind with absence of EMF surrounding us tiny people. Let’s pause and feel the spirit of Oneness with the rest of world out there. Let’s make a difference – I guarantee that we will feel great afterwards.

p.s. I always wonder why many people leave this world too early, too sudden, too easy nowadays compared to our grandparents’ generation who remain active and illness-free (ever heard of grandma having menopausal syndrome, for instance?).

I am also perplexed why some people these days act weirdly, insanely to a certain extent. Could it be due to EMF that affected our biological systems?

From this paper, people who are occupationally exposed to EMF (like us glued to PC at work or those couch potatoes that kill their time watching TV?) could experience eye problems, thyroid enlargement, headaches, loss of memory (damn I know why I’m suffering from short term memory), change of pulse rate, genetic and behavioral effects (OMG, no wonder we heard of so many new illnesses), respiratory stress and hypertension. Guess this paper makes sense, don’t you think?

p.p.s Here’s more reasons to reduce our energy consumption.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Sleep well Manis...

He stood patiently at Tok’s kitchen door, his eyes were sympathy-laden, following my every moves. It was hard to concentrate on the ingredients when I felt like he’s breathing down my neck –sobbing violently asking me to let him in. Please, I told him, I need to cook a good Laksa Johor for lunch today. Stop asking from me, pleaseeee. An hour later, the smell of steaming fresh tenggiri was too unbearable for him. Starving, he pleaded to me for some. I could feel his claws up my left calf, going through my khaki pants. How could I carry on being so cruel to this abandoned soul?

Manis came around almost 3 months ago – on the day I came back to Tok’s house for my younger brother’s wedding reception. Mak Itam told me he’s very smart to show his face that day knowing that she won’t entertain to any stray cats – since my all-time weakness is cats (sorry Arsene Wenger).

He has this burning eyes and serious looking face for a 2-month old kitty. Still, I called him Manis – that’s the word that crossed my mind when I looked hard through him, deep in sleep after the tenggiri meal that fateful morning - and so did everyone although he’s so manly Pak Long thought it’s an insult to give him such a sissy name.

For the next 5 days, Manis was everywhere I was – my ‘siamese’ twin I never had. It was our morning ritual to tickle him hard before he deserved a heart breakfast. Then, off we went to spring clean the house – in and out. I was overjoyed seeing how he made my Little Women of Penang, My Little Angel and adults alike laughed with his antics.

His infectious gregarious spirit caught the attention of Tunggal – a yellow chick Pak Lang bought for his grandson, Afdal. In no time, Manis and Tunggal became inseparable. It was just so cute and poignantly thought-provoking to see a chick chasing after a kitten, who is actually chasing my Little Angel. They were having funs – lots of it. I was contented. This world would be a beautiful place for our future generations if we could forget about races, religions and customs to live peacefully and happily, if we could live the lives like Manis, Tunggal and Faris - Our difference is for us to embrace.

More than a week ago, I was looking forward to hug Manis on my balik kampung trip – Mak Itam told me over the phone how he had captured our neighbours’ attention, how he had grown up to be a handsome kitten, plum and all, how he understood everything Mak Itam told him (sit, balik, no, yes, sleep, etc.). He was an Angel.

Last Friday, I cried my eyes out after seeing a kitten playing around at one Tomyam stall – I thought of Manis. That was the first time since I knew Manis succumbed to internal injuries when Pak Long started the engine to his big lorry one morning a month ago. He heard a thud and saw Manis' fur scattered underneath his lorry. Mak Itam couldn’t find courage to tell me over the phone. Manis must have thought that the engine was the coziest place for him to spend a night after Mak Itam forgot to let him into his abode – a cage next to Tok’s house. Pak Long was kind enough to actually called the workshop to send someone in to retrieve Manis’ chubby still body.

I lost Manis and I wonder why they, the souls that matter to me, were taken from me so abruptly, so violently, my senses were numb. Alhamdulillah, after a deep soul-searching over the weekend, I take comfort that Manis and the rest came to me when they needed someone the most. Their precious souls are not for me to keep, like my earthly possesion – I should embody their values, spirits, dreams and aspirations.

Manis was only a kitten (some of you may say "for crying out loud, he's just a cat) but boy, he sure makes me feel special and I am worth-it of his friendship.

Sleep tight my dear Manis…May we meet again...

p.s. I hardly take photos of my cats - they say they will die sooner - but the kitten in that above photo looks like my Manis at his best - sleeping :)

Reignition of My Reading Mode

One of my 2009 resolutions was (yeap, since I haven’t been up to it lately) to read one book a week. Don’t get me wrong – I am from the Quality’s School of Thought. I’ve been putting away my dream-cap for a while now since I turned middle age and I have been snoozing most of the time (Read : My great escapism of reality – shish I was really freaking out getting wiser :P).

Hey, move over Reader’s Block, I need to start again and these are a couple of books I should put my hands, mind and soul on: -

1. "Throw Out Fifty Things: Clear the Clutter, Find Your Life"

This self-help book by Gail Blanke, a professional motivator and contributor to Real Simple magazine says that stuff is just "life plaque" holding us back from achieving our true potential. Miss Blanke seems to promise that tossing stuff into a garbage bag will be the ultimate catharsis. "If we can't decide what to throw out of our clothes closets, how in the world are we going to decide what to throw out of our mental closets—closets that are overflowing with the debris of indecisions?" she writes.

p.s. Woooo…Mak thinks I keep too much stuff and books and it is true. I still keep “Cerita-cerita dari Asia” compilation of 3 books – the books I read till now since I was 8. It’s 2009 but I cannot part with my 2006’s Cats and Dogs calendar – a thoughful gift from a dear friend. I, too, have in my heart-shaped tin box treasure 3 pieces of RM1-coin minted back in 1971 – the year my soulmate was born. My Readers’ Digest compilation dated back to 1964 . They are too precious to me. Hmm..after writing this down, I think I can chuck away other ‘thoughful stuff at that point of time’. Yes, this week will be it – the day I trash my hopeless, thoughtless past. Paper lama boy, don’t forget to stop at my house ok? :P

2. “No Opportunity Wasted (“NOW”) – 8 Ways to Create a List for the Life You Want”

This book starts with the author’s (my Prince Charming Amazing Race’s Host Phil Keoghan) personal experiences - how he almost lost his life in a diving assignment, and how after he miraculously survived, he resolved to do the things he must do before he died. He shared his "List for Life" and the obvious reasons why everyone should consciously find ways to experience a "no opportunity wasted" life.

Phil encourages his readers to write down their lists for life and 8 featured themes as a guide: face your fear, get lost, test your limits, take a leap of faith, rediscover your childhood, shed your inhibitions/express yourself, break new ground, and aim for the heart.

p.s. Phil Keoghan? Knowing that he has come out with this book makes me adores him even more. A successful person should not merely be judged based on how much money they make or how popular they are – it is so good to know how much he has affected ordinary people’s life to fulfill their dreams.

p.p.s. I come to know that the price of knowing things is that the more you know you don’t know (confusing aye?:). So, once you start reading, you know you will never stop reading more and more…..

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dr. Nadhirah in the Making!

A good medical doctor nowadays is hard to come by for many are not mentally and emotionally equipped to serve as one - when at times, they are God-given link between life and death and most of the times, they stands as the pillar of strength and hopes to the patient's loved ones.

I am blessed to be related to medical doctors - Chu and Pak Busu - who epitomise my ideal of medical doctors. There is also Dr. Cyril.

I have high respect for them purely looking at how they could a difference to lives they have touched in their course of works and beyond, not because of common society perception and the amount of money they could make (if they wanted to). Inspired by that, I make a point to bring that kind of attitude everyday i sit behind my office desk - what good would I contribute to the world today?

Alhamdulillah, Nadhirah, one of my Little Women of Penang, scored 10As in her SPM. Alhamdulillah, Malaysia will have a great doctor in less than 10 years from now. Thank you Allah for that.

I'd share with Nadhirah Dr. Ridzwan's 7-pointer for those studying medicines and I really pray to Allah that her asthma would go away, for good.

Taken from Dr. Ridzwan's "Movies, Medicine and Medical Men", a quote taken Patch Adam's movie supports my cause to make sure Nadhirah becomes a medical doctor: -

“If you actually are a doctor and admitted it, you’d say, ‘I don’t cure a huge percentage, I don’t have a 50 percent cure rate … (but) I can have a 100 percent compassion rate..”

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Thread carefully when you read my few blogposts lately as I think my female hormone powerhouse is running on full-capacity :P

It does make me feel motherly at times, when most of the time i act daringly childish.

Don't tell me you've not been warned! Watch out ;)

Monday, March 9, 2009

My Arsene Wenger

I believe that your eyes are really the window of your soul and because of that, the first time i set my eyes on Arsene Wenger's piercing eyes, squinting at his players on the training ground, my feet turned jelly, my heart melted like a roll of butter on hot pan.

I am sure you've known about his sterling performance as Arsenal Manager that I wish to share his IQ and EQ sides of this special gentleman :P, which is rare in his chosen field of soccer.

Dubbed as The Prof by Uncle Fergie, 60-year old Mr Wenger has a degree in Engineering and a Master in Economics from Strasbourg University, Germany. Speaks some Italian and Japanese as he spent time coaching the clubs there, he is fluent in English, his mother tongue German, Spanish and French. In his meetings, you'd find graphs, statistics and minute-by-minute analysis of each player.

Unlike other managers who are tactical in their coaching, Mr Wenger adopts a laissez-faire approach that he prefers the players to learn instead of being told to as he believes "success is attained by thinking back over what we have achieved".

Most players who have trained under him thinks that his greatest influence is off the pitch. He never take side, judges his players by their quality and attitude, instead of passports, skin colour and faith (so, can i say he won't be gender-biased if he is a leader in an organisation like mine). He stands by his players when they were at lowest points in their life (Tony Addams' alcoholism) and encourages them to act as mentors to new players. He brought in a doctor to advise the team on appropriate diet regime and to caution them on the dangers of excessive drinking.

Mr Wenger is so forward-thinking, he built the club's youth sponsorship scheme and invested in the club's infrastructure (look at its magnificient Emirates Stadium). This is the man who gave us Thierry Henry. All in all, I got to say this - Arsene Wenger is so father-licious (i mean so fatherly, something to-die-for in a hubby :P)

I love these words of him, which made him a football legend, who knows how to make Arsenal keep challenging for honours with a shoestring budget: -

1. Success - I make it, I don't buy it

2. Who's my motivator? I just look in the mirror

3. I care about each of my players

4. No one gets left behind. If someone falls, we must pick him up

5. You can only change people who want to change

You may want to check out this exclusive interview with the Master himself, taken from The Arsenal Opus, a 850-page book on Arsenal, costing GBP3,000 and there are only 1,500 copies in circulation, here - "Why Wenger fears his dark side" and "All around entertainer".

I know my affection for him isn't too much as you can see from this commentary, even the men - yeah, like you lads out there, like him :)

"It was Wenger who made the analogy about having the most beautiful wife at home: even if you think she’s gorgeous, you can appreciate the finer points of other women or, in my case, men. And if we are going to start talking about attraction, something needs to be said about Arsène Wenger.

Ladies, you might just be missing something when it comes to Wenger. OK, so the anorak may take away something from the sartorial elegance and the face is one of character as opposed to cheeky-chappy good looks (Mourinho) but there is more to Wenger than a cashmere jumper and a good haircut.

I once saw him in a question and answer session at an expensive charity dinner and he stole the show; quick-witted, generous, charming and a fabulous raconteur (wink wink must-have traits for THE ONE). The next day I was at Arsenal’s training ground to interview Henry. Wenger popped in to say hello and I complimented him on his performance the night before. “Oh,” he said bashfully, “did you enjoy it?”

And that’s the attraction of the man – and his team. For his Arsenal, it’s about winning, of course, but it’s also about having a very good time, and this lends itself to an irresistible combination for those watching. Think about it, ladies – and gents – isn’t there something far more appealing in that than the brash, in-your-face appeal of others?"

How sexy a man can be...that's my Arsene Wenger...

Since I Turn Middle-Age

Just like a baby turning a month older, i was 'feeling under the weather' for the past 2 weeks. 'To rub salt to the wounds', I was socially active too with guests throughout weekends and serious makan-makan sessions, which definitely brought along rigorous preparations as I needed all to be spick and span, in tip top conditions. Looking at this addiction of mine spiced up with outrageously encouraging reviews thus far (hehehheh u knew i fed my guests very well they would come up with such remarks), i thought i should open up a rest house myself :P Yes, that is one of my dreams. Puncak Alam or Penang Hill, i'll have one.

My social calendar was soon filled with meetings, site visits and makan-makan till late hours as my organisation received a delegation of development bankers from Jeddah. I was deprived of my beauty sleep and with my brain was still all over the place by the time i hit bed, i talked in my sleep. My limbs were all aching. My memory wasn't performing that well, somehow i missed certain issues raised during the meetings. But, why was I so cheerful and energetic?

Throughout the said period, i met interesting characters, who are not only intellectually intriguing, they are genuinely sensible people, who speak with their mind, who act with their heart. Though i am not from their organisation, I am glad they trust me. By opening up to me, they taught me that you must support values that you believe in, not the individuals; if you believe in what you are doing is right, you must find ways to convince others; always look at things from the angle of practicality and accountability; being a boss doesn't mean you have to know everything - encourage your people to share their views; when you put your heart into a project, strive to make it a success.

I was enchanted with the goodness working with such organisation, I asked Br. MN if there are women working in the bank. Despite only less than 10% are women, he told me the first think i need to do before working over there is to get myself married or i would have no life there as women are not allowed to go out alone. He told me he just helped his neighbour's daughter to secure a position of Poor Alleviation Specialist.

You see, the first intention of me joining banking industry is to help people. The longer i'm in it, the more i see how unfair this industry is - you take back the umbrella when it is raining - and each day, it is eating up my conscience. Bankers are fair-weather friends when they should be the business partners. Isn't it a bliss to be part of an organisation that helps provide fresh, clean water to the villages, lighting up the nights so the kids could read their books, giving opportunity for the women to provide second income in their family? It is, for me - a wishful thinker.

During our final dinner, i was seated next to Chide - a 33-year olf LSE-post graduate Christian Nigerian. He shared with me how much our Ibupertiwi reminds him of his birthplace - friendly people and heavy rains :P I also found out how similar our countries are in terms of corrupted politicians, greedy for oil and other natural resources and how wired we are to the advance of telecommunication. Very much an adventurer himself, spending summer holidays with UNESCO program in Africa, I told him to explore our Ibupertiwi next time he visit SEA. We were practically engrossed with our conversation that some people started making early remarks that we like each other. Personally, i can say i was smitten with him - purely upon listening to his views on humanity. He said he felt like he has known me for a long time. I make a joke that he probably had seen me in Manchester when he studied in Bradford. On the following afternoon, we shook hands far too long and he kept saying "Take Care" to me.

Somehow, i felt lost after he left for KLIA. For me, it is a rare occurence when i cross path with someone who has the same wavelength with me. Sadly this time around, he is on another continent. That reminds me of my soulmate (May his soul RIP) - i wonder why these special souls had to be so far away from me.

Since we are already on this subject, I have a complain to make - could you all please stop asking me when i am getting hitched? When many people were asking the same question, there is a tendency of one asking what is bloody wrong with me? Not long ago, someone was sighing relief after knowing that i got a handful of proposals before he tried to tackle me. With that remark, i slamdunked this prospect though it could come with a brand new Honda Accord and endless overseas trips. Damn, i'm not that materialistic and desperate.

I was crying last night because I think I was making a fool of myself lately as I got overexcited when people told me they want to matchmake me. I was, too, scared of not finding THE ONE who would 'pass' my parents' standard (i wonder why they think i need to find a handsome husband, amongst others) and above all, I was afraid of the day that i realise nobody understands me and sense how i feel. That's pathetic isn't it?

Alhamdullilah, waking up to puffy eyes and drizzles, i felt better. I feel contented with life has blessed me this far. I discard all those hopes and wishes i have for THE ONE - for i never know what they will make me when they come true. Let's hope this good feeling lasts a little longer till next February.

I would be lucky to live till 70. Since I've turned middle age on 27 February, life seems to me pretty short to stop living my kind of life. I should feel rather old really but i want to be young enough to do bungee-jumping, to laugh along with my little nephews when we watch cartoons, to be able to stretch my muscles and do my splits, to stay cheerful after long hours in the office , to be fit to keep running (Wild Wild Run was awesome, i think it's good to feel i'm running away from what's bothering me), to stay hopeful to what I can be and never stop dreaming my dreams...

Friday, March 6, 2009

My Kind of Jokes These Days

People think i smile a lot and laugh out loud (gosh, gone all the feminine traits i tried to reflect :P) and i do not wish to know whether i should take it as a compliment or the other way around.

As laughter is scientifically proven to be the best medicine, i make a point to read jokes from The Readers' Digest every morning from the collection i have in the office (some dated back to November 1969).

Nowadays, i got my dosage of jokes from TheStarOnline, sharing 'jokes' from the world-class foolish remarks, lies and actions by B(e)N(d) Gomen and their stooges (too many lately), in particularly the 'perasan MB' Zambry and Lah the master of flip-flopping.

The 'perasan MB' told the press that our Perak Speaker has breached certain constitutional law enactments when YB Sivakumar suspended him and his 6 councilors from the State Assemble. When they checked the mentioned enactments, they are not at all related to his desperate accusations to Mr. Speaker. I wonder if the PhD behind his name refers to 'Perasaan Hasad Dengki' instead, and not at all reflect his intelligence?

Lah the flip-flopping master told the press that he cannot comprehend why YB Sivakumar took such actions. I bet he meant it literally that he cannot understand what is going on with our Ibupertiwi. Ayoyo..6 years since he showed us how flip-flopping he was, he is still as 'sleepy' and as 'blurred' - guess it is in the 'jin'.

So, if you feel your life is dreadfully boring, just hog on the online MSM newspapers and have a good laugh! These Um(ph)No Goons are damn hilariously crazy we don't need Astro's Raja Lawak.