Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Will You Help Me?

I Seriously Think….

1. We should have separate LRT and KTMB Commuter carriages for (a) men only (b) women only and (c) unisex. While we are busy promoting public transport, I wish that we could make it ‘sexual harassment-free’. I took Putra LRT from Kg Bharu yesterday evening (tactic to ensure I get on the train instead of waiting for too long at Dang Wangi). It’s full and I was so unfortunate to be pushed next to a guy. He was gyrating his pelvis next to my hip and seriously, I could feel – gosh, should I say it here – his manhood was changing in size and even after me stamping my heel on his foot, he got this smile on his face! Eeeeeeeeewwwww. Yucks! I felt like vomiting coming out at Masjid Jamek and that shitty experience really gave me shivers. Do you think I should call out for help in the train? Would you guys believe me?

p.s. OK, I am going to safeguard myself with a pin that will send the bloody harasser screaming.

2. UM(ph)NO should stop sending throngs of makcik, pakcik, muda belia naik bas datang KL for their ass-em(pty)-bl(urr)y. What a total waste of taxpayers’ money and not to mention the maddening traffic jam all around KL (dah la salahguna riders). On top of my shitty experience above, I saw luxurious express coaches with makciks and “Kota Tinggi’ placard in front. Arghhhhhhh! - AlBlur’s supporters from my hometown! I wonder how much they are being paid for this ‘holiday package’.

You see, I hate AlBlur and anyone ‘yang bersekongkol’ with him. When I went back to my hometown 2 weeks ago, my parents and aunts were invited to this ‘kenduri kahwin’ – a son to my mom’s cousin. We didn’t go (Chu cynically told her that we couldn’t make it without our sequinned baju kurung and kebaya to don since we were not informed in advance – because the makcik is acting like she’s Mak Datin). Actually, we went back to visit Cik Aya and it didn’t feel right to be soak in merriment mood when we were sending her for mastectomy (alhamdullilah, she’s now back home). It turned out that our other relatives came over to Tok’s house and were busy asking who went for the kenduri – apparently, nobody did – it's a protest.

The reason being this – Tok Chu, the father to this makcik, suffers from chronic diabetes, both his legs were amputated. He lives in the house with his second wife (the first wife passed away more than 10 years ago to heart attack). We have been hearing that his children (except for one who is living in Riyadh now with her family) never attend to them. They rely on taxis and good Samaritans to ferry them to hospital and even, our kenduri. They simply ignore these old couple.

Why they never come? They said Tok Chu and his stepmother don’t like them. My God, they must be out of their mind having such ill thoughts against a parent who had put his life at stake driving the taxi to put food on the table for them. How could they ignore such selfless sacrifice by Tok Chu? How could one do that to one’s parents?

What I am trying to highlight see is that, that makcik, is a strong supporter of AlBlur. She procured contracts to supply things to prisons in Johore and all. They become rich, big houses, big cars and easy money to spend on luxury we hardworking people can only dream. Another sibling makes money by ferrying OKU to Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat in our hometwon to send in their application for monthly allowance and these poor people even have to pay ‘duit kopi’ if they want their application to be processed fast (or else, they have to wait for at least 1 year). For me, that’s duit haram. Duit haram turned your heart ‘black’, making you less humane.

This is just another story about UM(ph)NO suckers. Will they ever change?

Oh, before i forgot. En. Hishamuddin Rais wrote a great piece of thoughtful write up on capitalism in his blog (how timely) to support my argument here. This is a must-read.

p.s. I apologise for the strong words used in this posting.

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