Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Persona Non Grata, You are Not...Never

Uncle Pete never fails to kick some senses into my kepala batu (dan my hati batu). He makes me - LOL, share my profanities in my blog (pity you), cry my eyes out (even at work, I might lose my Ice Queen title soon) and above all, I feel I am a better human being (angkat bakul sendiri, sorry).

Reading his “I am now persona non grata and living in exile”, I wonder what makes him and Aunt Marina remain strong till these days after what they have gone through. I wish to know why they choose to walk this path, where no money and no title whatsoever waiting for them along the way. Is he trying to achieve martyrdom – the first in Modern Malaysia? Would our sympathy, if you think that’s what he’s trying to do coming out with such confession, makes him our hero, he’ll become so popular all TV station wanted to interview him?

I know there are many people out there who have gone through tumultuous time in life (some continue to experience such adversity till their old age). Many would think they are losers, unlucky lots and just plain lazy and ignorant (for not making efforts to change their live for betterment). Somehow, we forget – these days, what we go through are inflicted by others for a reason or another, tinged with jealousy and greed.

I can’t stop thinking what good would it bring to those people in Pakatan Rakyat that got holed up and injured by the Police F(a)rce recently in Sg Petani. I can’t comprehend why would they put their lives for us to experience a better Ibu Pertiwi. Don’t they ever think of their loved ones? Why would they stay in one when there is no money and victory guaranteed? Love for the people and Ibu Pertiwi - there will be no appropriate word to define such act.

Uncle Pete, I am forever indebted to you, we are. Uncle Pete, you may be persona non grata to your royal family but you and your family are very much of our big family. Our prayers are with you – always (perhaps, these keep you going so far, in their little ways how we wish).

Uncle Pete and Auntie Marina, I wish you both can feel it that there are many people out there who really cares for you both.

Come what may, let’s pull through this, together. You will never walk alone!

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