Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Thread carefully when you read my few blogposts lately as I think my female hormone powerhouse is running on full-capacity :P

It does make me feel motherly at times, when most of the time i act daringly childish.

Don't tell me you've not been warned! Watch out ;)


TheWhisperer said...

Wo.. Wo.. What was that all about?

Must have been taking too much soy-related supplement till you start feeling 'motherly'. Curious by what you mean by feeling 'motherly'.

Just pulling your leg here Fi-sha. Thanks for popping by and post your valuable comments.

Perhaps, we should catch up around at YM. My user at yahoo dot com if you wanna add me.

Hope to see you there.

Fi-sha said...

Dear Mr Whisperer,

:) must be overconsumption of tofu lately...but out of the blue, i feel i want to be..a mother.

That's weird, trained as biochemist, i stop thinking about being a mother at this age :P

Will do that Mr Whisperer...merci!

TheWhisperer said...

Still not too late for motherhood at this age, I reckon.

Wonderful age to be at. Believe me.