Wednesday, March 25, 2009

One Hour..That's All It Takes

Does switching off our energy consumption for an hour out of 365 days make us a primitive? Do we really need to be on the edge of technology advancement to qualify as a civilized planet earth citizen? Please, we can’t be that shallow right?

Talking about energy, in Malaysia we pay through our nose (Courtersy of TNB) produced energy (but not utilised). Still, Gomen feels we need Nuclear Energy Plant. I guess that will make us a Developed Country. Are we really energy-starved or just money-hungry?

This Saturday, let’s vote for Earth Hour. Let's do it together with our loved ones. I plan to light candles - a symbolic gesture to many - sending off my prayers and thoughts to those who have been 'abused' (in many unimaginable ways), neglected and feel 'lonely' (sadly in this busy and well connected world).

So, do you think it’s just simply switching off lights at home? We can do more, don’t we? TV, handphone, radio and other electrical and electronic devices too, if possible. Let’s mesmerize our sight with the magical view of night – the black sky dotted with twinkling stars and smiling moon (there is you know but of course it doesn't have its eyes).

p.s. Aiya, shopping tak boleh ok!

Let’s invigorate our soul with the sound of nature. Let’s refresh our body and mind with absence of EMF surrounding us tiny people. Let’s pause and feel the spirit of Oneness with the rest of world out there. Let’s make a difference – I guarantee that we will feel great afterwards.

p.s. I always wonder why many people leave this world too early, too sudden, too easy nowadays compared to our grandparents’ generation who remain active and illness-free (ever heard of grandma having menopausal syndrome, for instance?).

I am also perplexed why some people these days act weirdly, insanely to a certain extent. Could it be due to EMF that affected our biological systems?

From this paper, people who are occupationally exposed to EMF (like us glued to PC at work or those couch potatoes that kill their time watching TV?) could experience eye problems, thyroid enlargement, headaches, loss of memory (damn I know why I’m suffering from short term memory), change of pulse rate, genetic and behavioral effects (OMG, no wonder we heard of so many new illnesses), respiratory stress and hypertension. Guess this paper makes sense, don’t you think?

p.p.s Here’s more reasons to reduce our energy consumption.

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