Friday, March 6, 2009

My Kind of Jokes These Days

People think i smile a lot and laugh out loud (gosh, gone all the feminine traits i tried to reflect :P) and i do not wish to know whether i should take it as a compliment or the other way around.

As laughter is scientifically proven to be the best medicine, i make a point to read jokes from The Readers' Digest every morning from the collection i have in the office (some dated back to November 1969).

Nowadays, i got my dosage of jokes from TheStarOnline, sharing 'jokes' from the world-class foolish remarks, lies and actions by B(e)N(d) Gomen and their stooges (too many lately), in particularly the 'perasan MB' Zambry and Lah the master of flip-flopping.

The 'perasan MB' told the press that our Perak Speaker has breached certain constitutional law enactments when YB Sivakumar suspended him and his 6 councilors from the State Assemble. When they checked the mentioned enactments, they are not at all related to his desperate accusations to Mr. Speaker. I wonder if the PhD behind his name refers to 'Perasaan Hasad Dengki' instead, and not at all reflect his intelligence?

Lah the flip-flopping master told the press that he cannot comprehend why YB Sivakumar took such actions. I bet he meant it literally that he cannot understand what is going on with our Ibupertiwi. Ayoyo..6 years since he showed us how flip-flopping he was, he is still as 'sleepy' and as 'blurred' - guess it is in the 'jin'.

So, if you feel your life is dreadfully boring, just hog on the online MSM newspapers and have a good laugh! These Um(ph)No Goons are damn hilariously crazy we don't need Astro's Raja Lawak.

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