Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Had My Eyes On You - Crag Hotel

I have a dream, that is - "Looking for a kind soul to invest in her dream Little Lifestyle Rumah Rehat atop Magical Penang Hill".

Well, I haven't found that kind soul but I hope Penang State Government will soon find the rightful soul for this treasure I had set my eyes on before one misty morning.

"The Crag hotel atop Penang Hill first opened for business in 1929 by the famous Sarkies brothers - these were the same brothers behind such hotels as the Raffles in Singapore and the Strand hotel in Rangoon.

The Crag saw good business up to the start of WW2, after which it was left abandoned. In 1955 the Upland school then took up residence, it was a school for planters children. Around the 70's the Upland School relocated to new facilities leaving the Crag abandoned right up until this day.

The original Crag hotel comprised of several chalets for guests dotted around the main building, these were all linked by winding pathways and lush planting. The main building had dinning rooms, entertainment and lounge areas".

More on Flickr.


Antares said...

It will cost a few million to purchase and restore the Crag. But you are well worth it, Fi-Sha. One more reason why I really ought to become a billionaire! :-)

Oscar the Grouch said...

The last movie I watched was ‘The Princess & the Frog’; which incidentally, is the only type of kiddie-movies that I watch these days, courtesy of chaperoning my girl.

The story of Tiana, and her dream of opening ‘Tiana’s Place’; working two jobs to save enough money to secure an abandoned building for her restaurant - is somewhat reminiscence of your ‘Little Lifestyle Rumah Rehat’.

Fi-sha said...

Dear Mr Billionaire Antares

Instead of owning the property, I may opt to turn around the place and run it for you :) This may save millions I need to fork out to purchase this gem. So, are you interested?;)

Hi Mr. Oscar the Grouch

Tiana and Prince Navin?!:) Saya suka filem itu. Thanks for connecting with the lil girl in me :)

At the rate I am going, I may need to look for 10 part time jobs to make my lil dream come true...

I guess I need to