Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hulu Selangor Buy-Election - Offensive Tackling (Part 1)

UMNO knows PKR's Achilles Heels. They know PR won't resort to throwing confetti of sweets to voters. They too know that PKR's election machinery is the weakest in PR's alliance. On that D-Day, they 'deployed' their plans well.

In the morning of the D-Day, I spent some time talking to a few gentlemen, who looked decent and friendly. They were PR supporters offering themselves to ferry voters to their polling stations. I think they stopped their cars in front of Antares’ house as they could see DAP, PAS and PKR’s flags swaying in fresh morning breeze. On our way out of the village, as I scanned through thuggish look of UMNO supporters standing outside their cars, I chanced upon a familiar face. He saw me and tried to hide his face. He was the guy who ‘scolded’ me last night.

On that D-Day, I was tasked by Uncle Zorro, along with the seniors in Special Bunch, to call up polling stations to get updates on the ground. It seemed that UMNO supporters had piled them up at all Malay-majority polling stations, taunting the voters and the canvassers with their antics revolving around personal attacks on PR’s leaders, compared to PR’s “Reformasi’ chants.

Based on the reports I gathered, minimal enforcement was deployed to stop UMNO supporters from blocking the way to the polling stations in the morning, when voters’ turnout normally peaks. This typical UMNO intimidation worked well because we Malaysians have lost our valor to stand up right for our rights – thanks to Surat Khabar Lama’s dictatorship.

It hurt me deeply as I listened to worrying response from these polling stations. For all they had to go through, I salute PR’s workers and canvassers for holding on to their ‘fort’ till the end as I was told some UMNO ‘Pondok Panas’ were left empty in the afternoon.

I was wondering how they could be so confident of winning lest yes, some ‘kotak undi’ were ready to be dispatched. One of our Special Bunch on the ground saw SPR vehicles being mobilized with PDRM escort while one PR’s worker told me more than one gate to one of the polling stations was opened with minimal PDRM monitoring. After being notified, the second gate was still not properly locked.

One of the bloggers that cover the buy-election was back at the media centre by the early afternoon as he commented that this buy-election was really boring. I am sure it was especially when all you could only hear were dirty words hurled at DSAI, DZI and TGNA – it was just demoralising.

Plus, may I suggest to UMNO that for next buy-election, please send more appealing PUTERI, not some fatty ones OK because those people down there couldn’t stomach such not-so-appealing physical appearance coupled to worst behaviour ever. EEwwwww!

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