Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Their Cheating Stops With You

The fish rots from its head.

Despite endless claims from UMNO bloggers that PEEEEEEM is doing his parts reforming the white elephant, we Rakyat haven’t seen any affirmative actions that could turn the party into something useful, instead of being such a fool-hardy liar.

Till today, all we can see is just this white arrogant elephant trampling on us and our rights, destroying our resources and misusing our funds.

If he can’t even change his (teh-tarik) party, rest assured he can’t change the way the ruling government carries out its responsibilities to us Rakyat.

If he deems having the highest number of members (Katak dan semua yang hidup dua alam, termasuk yang bertalam dua muka) under UMNO signifies his party’s strength, I wonder why there was only a small bunch of supporters during HS’ Nomination Day, even UMNO’s MSM felt pity to splash more photos in their lousy, lying piece of papers.

If he deems he is fit enough to manage this Ibu Pertiwi, just to name a few:

1. We don’t have to part with RM534.8 Million for Scorpene’s commission;

2. We don’t have to lose 2 of our engines to a pair of ordinary human beings;

3. We don’t have to spend RM27.5 Million for Armed Forces’ ladies shoes;

4. We don’t have to fork out RM76.0 Million’s ‘window dressing’ political gimmicks by APCO;

5. We don’t have to lose our FDI to our ASEAN countries in droves;

6. We don’t have to send our students to tertiary educational institutions to be jobless after their graduation;

7. Adik BH Teoh probably had just finished playing with his son; and

8. We won’t hear some people in HS hoping for better utilities, tarred roads, schools and economic opportunities during this campaign period after being served by BN for almost 2 decades before!

If he deems himself a good leader, we don’t have to be lied by his humpty-dumpty deputy and a few members of his [kitchen] cabinet!

JFK said “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country”. I say “Ask not what BN candidate can do for you; ask what BN has done to our country”.

HS’ voters, I know you deserve better than what BN think of yourselves. Their cheating stops with you.

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