Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Defection - It Happens For Good Reasons

Over the weekend, I learn a lot more about defection from true stories as my family and Chu’s diverted our blood flow into our tummy after a heavy breakfast. Strangely, since Monday, Dr. Halili Rahmat (a good, selfless neurosurgeon Pak Busu knows personally as they are in the same Neuro-industry) and the gang from Negeri Di Bawah Katak have defected to UMNO. See, I told you I do have six senses!

Mechanics of defection

My left ankle is now a huge elephant stump – I stop wearing my 3-inch heel because it looks ugly in it. Thanks to my overconfidence, I sprained my ankle last Friday. My curiosity to find out why it swollen brought me to Sports Science’s website that explains the mechanic of sprained ankle:-

"The most common cause of an ankle sprain due to motion is when an athlete seeks to change direction at speed, and the ankle sustains an inversion or an eversion, whereby the ankle joint moves inward/outward as the player travels outward/inward.

The "plant" foot is placed in the opposite of the intended direction of travel. As force is applied to shift from the plant foot to the changed direction, or "cut," the anterior talofibular ligament (one of the three ankle ligament groupings) is the most frequent recipient of the excessive stress that causes the sprain.

The sprained joint swells up as the ligament tissues torn, prompting release of serous fluid surrounding the area. We must avoid wrapping or compressing the joint as it could prevent excess fluid from draining from area, prolonging inflammation and discomfort".

With UMNO gears itself into ‘the ends justify the means’ mode, post-Tsunami 2008, PR, especially PKR (widely known as UMNO splinter party), is constantly being hit in its Achilles Heels and that results in defection of its members, every now and then. Like my sprained ankle, they will come and go. The ones that stick around are ones that would fight for what PKR stands for – with or without ‘harta, kuasa dan takhta’.

"Of One Essence is the Human Race Thusly has Creation put the Base One Limb impacted is sufficient For all Others to feel the Mace The Unconcern'd with Others' Plight Are but Brutes with Human Face" ~ Sa'di
(one of the most famous [poems], of which adorns the entrance to the Hall of Nations of the UN Building in NY, with this call for breaking all barriers

Reason of Defection

Chu narrated to us about Pak Busu and her involvement trying to patch up stormy relationship of our young relative. To make matters worse for my auntie and uncle, they had to listen to her spilling all the beans and they were horrid and sad at the same time when we think how one could look nice and accommodating in front of those people she vilified.

It is clear that the husband doesn’t want to be in that meaningless marriage anymore, where mutual respect is scarce. However, the wife gave him an ultimatum that if he divorced her, she would make sure to defame him for the rest of his life.

Innocently, I asked, “How could love turn so ugly like this? If she knows of his weakness before, why she married him in the first place? With their chubby baby in the picture, how could she be so nasty to the father of her daughter”. Pak Busu shot me a reply, “Love doesn’t have to have a reason and the biggest gamble in the world is marriage”.

Some people forget that they don’t own one’s soul once they are married but if they think they do, they will start spilling the beans for all to know when they know that someone has lost interest in them. Marriage for them is all about ownership, instead of honour, respect and understanding. Negotiation for them is primarily shouting vulgarities in front of their loved ones because they thought the louder they sounded, they stronger their conviction to influence the other half. When they don’t get what they want, they will make sure the other half would suffer too like them.

Is there love in first place or is it an obsession for possession, I wonder.

Someone told me this “Too much analysis leads to paralysis” and I replied by saying this, “I rather be paralysed (remain unmarried to put it mildly) instead of suffering from cirrhosis (sakit hati)”.

PAS hardly sack its members and its member hardly defect because their members walk the talk and they are proud for their principles. Perhaps, we could learn from these passionate people, who continue to remain true to their beliefs, come shine or rain, bulls or bears on the stock market, 'menang atau kalah, lawan tetatp lawan'!

Defection, like divorce, happens and if it happens, God knows best.

Somehow, I hear
Celine Dion’s “Live For The One I Love as I penned this post off.

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