Monday, April 19, 2010

The Paler Shades of UMNO

As we walked towards Pasar Awam, a fair, beautiful little girl caught our attention. She was chanting the 'songs of CHANGE, A NEW DAWN FOR MALAYSIA'. She was there with her family, joining tens of thousands to show our solid support to our candidate.

It was not a rare sight having three generations marching along to the Nomination Centre - Atok, Nenek, Emak, Ayah, Adik, Kakak and Abang. Their faces lit up, their moves slow and steady, their spirits soared high.

A night before, we saw firm believers unrolled their tikars on 5-foot walk and by the roadside, catching some sleep after a long journey before an early start tomorrow morning. Pak Busu told me not to pity them but to say how proud I am to see this Ibu Pertiwi still have her principled Anak Bangsa Malaysia.

I saw the three chinese gentleman whom I sat with during "5-star YBs ceramah" at Kg. Asam Kumbang, marching along with their malay and indian brothers and sisters. One, was kind enough to translate the mandarin speeches by YB Tony Pua and YB LGE - the great orators - and the flyer distributed. I gave him my attention listening to him talking about the harsh reality of being economically challenged, despite working too hard, when some civil servants could spend easy a million renovating their houses, about our lowly paid brothers and sisters working in many estates and factories in Sabah, about Chinese people not allowing themselves to be cheated again by BN. I barely know him but I feel at ease being with him. That's the magic of humanity, where no man is an island.

No one would be left hungry and thirsty when we had the liveliest and wholesome bazaar along the roads. Camaraderie filled the air, just as the delicious aroma and colourful chilly drinks oozing your senses.

There were sisters in jubah, capri pants, jeans and skirts but as our eyes met in between the places and spaces, crow feets etched at the corner of our eyes - we smiled without hesitations., no pretension. We were there for one reason and that alone made us familiar to each other.

It is so sad that Special Bunch could not be able to upload more photos due to internet mood-swing in KKB. Otherwise, you could see this carnival-like atmosphere within the confine of neo-colonial architecture and lushful greens. It's beautiful.

"If you have much, give of your wealth; if you have little, give of your heart"
~ Arabian Proverb

Allow me to say that UMNO supporters were fewer and looked battered, huddled up together according to their races. They could only hurl "SODOMY" when there is "RASUAH DAN DISKRIMINASI" looming dangerously, behind 'towering' FRU trucks - such cowards.

Their YBs? They talked nonsense, no sense and cents. Orator? They sounded more like old carburators. Bazaar? They had one little stall selling some pale looking drinks to their not so many supporters.

As they walked back, you could see their disappointment and if I could read their mind, perhaps I could hear them thinking, "What the hell am I doing?".

I told Chu and Pak Busu about me crying upon seeing YB LGE. My emotions were so overwhelming. Uncle Zorro told me YB's best friend is Mat Sabu as they shared their 'susah senang bersama' during ISA detention. Pak Busu summed up "The paler shades of UMNO" ceremoniously when he said this, "YB LGE went to jail defending a malay girl - has any of UMNO men done that so far?"

"Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them" ~ Dalai Lama


joshua wong said...

Dear Fi-sha,

This post is too beautiful not to share. It's heartening to note that even Anak Bangsa Malaysia of other ethnicity shared the same compassion for fellow human beings.

Steal your quote of Dalai Lama? Thanks in advance, ya.

And as you always would say "cheers".

Fi-sha said...

:) Dear Joshua

Anything here is for all to share...

Take care mate!