Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Will Love Find A Way?

"Love is where we belong" ~ Fi-sha

On Monday morning, Mr. Lau, our next door neighbour, approached Ayah and asked if any of our cats had just delivered kittens. Since Bongo and Mulan have been spayed years ago, Ayah asked him why. Apparently, he found 3 kittens in his kitchen (which is really weird because Mr. Lau, my Enemy No. 1 (he hates cats), rarely leaves his doors or windows opened). He told Ayah he wanted to relocate them somewhere else so Ayah advised him to wait for the mother and then relocate them all together. But Mr. Lau couldn’t wait. He walked to our neighbour’s house across the road and called up their Indonesian maid. A few minutes later, the lady maid walked into his house and brought out 3 kittens in a box. Before Ayah could ask more, Mr. Lau drove away in his car to work. Ayah wonders how the kittens would survive, without the mother.

As Ayah related that story to me this morning, I was devastated, utterly speechless for such inhumane act of Mr. Lau. Kittens, unlike human babies, could hardly survive even if they are bottle-fed.

How could Mr. Lau do that, I asked myself. How could one educated, good mannered, financially sufficient and civil-looking member of the society be so inhumane?

Unfortunately, we have so many of him (ones with no iota of compassion and conscious mind) out there and that is worrying, especially at this make-or-break point of our nation. The ones that contribute towards economic development of this nation. The ones that go out to vote. The ones that complain a lot about everything and anything. The ones that appreciate nature and the beauty of its flora and fauna. Sadly, they are also the ones that have no second thought to act cruelly out of hatred and disgust.

For that, I blame men for continuing dumping of innocent babies in various heinous ways, when all this while, society has been beating their moral drums asking the girls not to fall easily into the men’s sweet-talking traps. We have asked these girls to seek help but we suspiciously forget that the real root cause of this social problem is growing number of irresponsible men that permeate every single class in our society – poor or rich, educated or stupid. These are lost men because they never found love – to have respect and affection for themselves and others.

Instead of sex class, all we need to have is Love Class so that our children will learn to respect and understand others, have mercy on the helpless, to act selflessly out of love, nothing more nothing less.

Like Blessid Union of Souls, I believe love is the answer to our problems and love will find a way to save us.

Help love grows and flows...

"Love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence"~ Eric Fromm


Antares said...

You're certainly good at helping love flow and grow, Fi-Sha! :-)

ian yusof said...

shame on you, Mr Lau!