Monday, August 16, 2010

And The Wonder Is....Home Science!

I was deep in my 'adventure' (Read: reading me book) when someone tapped my shoulder. As I looked back, I saw a crumple of white shirt in my housemate's hand. "What's wrong?", I asked her, praying hard not to be asked to teach her how to iron that 'kedut-sejuta' shirt (I'm forever novice at ironing). "Fi-sha, you got to help me. I'm in deep shit lah!".

She pointed at a 50-cent size burn mark right smack on the shoulder. "Help me get rid of this, Fi-sha!". She was fidgety, telling me at the same time that someone lend her that shirt for her date tonight. Wooo. That's surely a clarion call for a 18-year old girl, whom at point of time was deeply in crushed with Jordan Knight of New Kids on the Block and Yusri of KRU - boy-meets-girl thingy is holy!

Instantly, like a Guru, who just came down from Himalaya (Read: I was so very calm and confident), I told her to run to the cafetaria and ask for a lime. Huffing and puffing from the running, she handed me the lime and with a butter knife in my hand, I sliced it open, squeezed a dripping dose of its juice on the burn marks, rubbed a little and walla, it just went brilliantly white! And I must tell you I never did that before - that idea just came out of nowhere!

Ecstatic, she hugged me and we did kind of Scottish Step Dance in our living room (that's a better alternative than doing some zapin or joget steps, kan?)

That, my friends, was the start of me fool-proofing every single home science tip that crossed my mind. Apart from saving me from the bell, I was rewarded with stuffs from women's magazines. So, where did I get those tips from?

The Wonder of Home Science! Thank you Mak and Cikgu Aw for your impeccable chemistry classes :)

As a result, I am a self-taught DIY gal! Like Manny the Handyman, I also would like to say this to you, "You break/ruin it, I fix it!"
p.s. I will take time to write down those tips and share with you all out there


zorro said...

Thinking deeply on what I need you to fix....ok I got it. Let Riduan Tee Abdullah disappear. If you need kapor, I have a few bags...acid one bottle though.

Fi-sha said...

Hi Uncle Zorro

That Tee aye, let's eat him like we eat Roti... or soak that roti in milk+egg mixture and have french toast instead. Hows that? ;)

Thanks for your time Uncle...