Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pick-Up Lines...

Scene 1

Stranger A: "Which planet do you come from?"

Saya: "Do I look like an alien?"

Stranger B: "No, I mean, which 'kayangan' do you come from?"

Saya: Duhhhhh! (dalam hati)

Scene 2

Stranger B: "Are you a medical doctor?"

Saya: "Wow! Is my handwriting that bad?" (I just completed filling up a form in front of this stranger)

Stranger B: "No, yours is neat and cursive. I like it! So, are you a doctor?"

Saya: "Oh, I'm definitely not"

Stranger C: "But you could be a doctor to my heart" (with a huge grin on his face)

Saya: Duhhhhhh! (dalam hati for the second time)

Scene 3

Stranger C: "Do you always do that whenever you buy fruits?"

Saya: "Excuse me?"

Stranger C: "I saw you smell those fruits you picked. They look good to me. Perhaps you could teach me this art over cuppa"

Saya: "Oh, I wish I could but my hubby and 3 kids are waiting at the counter over there" (Me pointing at one chinese guy with 3 little boys queueing at the counter)

Stranger C: "......" (Blinking his eyes with over dilated pupils)

Saya: (ROTF-kind-of-laugh dalam hati)

Foot-in-the-mouth-notes ;)

Those stranger are sweet but A is way too young, B is too old and C is just too keen- they freaked me out.

Over dinner last night, me and my dear girl friend - my classmate back in school - concluded that women at our age (in case you missed reading my profile, we are turning 37 next year) are facing a huge dilemma because most of those men who are brave enough to ask us, who think we are such a gem and who sigh a huge relief (as we are no longer girlish, childish and churlish) are simply too young, too old and too determined. So, where art thou men of our age, we were bizarrely wondering.

Not that we are fussy or too analytical, we just can't help it but to dissect the glaring facts that may impede a healthy relationship. Although we are comfortable with their emotional maturity, at this point of time, it is not right to dismiss the biological side of a relationship. Well, if you have watched "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button", you'd know what I mean by that side of the relationship.

Sometimes, it is hard being 'picked-up' by strangers knowing you would either blurting out sheer sarcastic remarks, oozing extreme distastefulness from your every pores or laughing out loud and end up breaking and hurting their sincere hearts - forever.

Anyway, I must thank those strangers - you guys are real gentlemen and deserve every single goodness this life could offer. I sincerely hope you would never stop believing and taking chances when they cross your lives.

Always remember what Forrest Gump says, "Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get".


Anonymous said...

hehehehe...(tickling my armpit)

Mat Rempit Hubris,Carthage said...

How about this one: I started of by saying "You owe me a jaw" and her reply was "huh?.. what?...why?" and my reply was "Cos when i first saw you, my jaw dropped soooo hard it broke!!

Needless to say, after many tears of laughter and learning it was 100% an original impromptu creation of mine she said "Yeah its funny but sweet...very sweet ..Are you by any chance flirting with me?" and i said, " ah, cant be telling you that now can I? for as Ben Okri once wrote 'Its the mystery in things that keeps them alive "

ps to fisha the blog owner----just wanted to share a real life snippet that sort of jived with your blog topic. cheers

Oscar the Grouch said...

too young, too old, too determined ... or just plain married :-(

pick up lines for girls said...

Love your blog.

drillman said...

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