Friday, August 13, 2010

Kenapa Lembu Malaysia Kurus?

I am sure you have seen them wandering alongside roads or during Raya Qurban. They are thin and I wonder whether we pay quite a price for their meat or bones (no wonder sup tulang costs much more) actually.

So, why la? Tak cukup makan (rumput tak panjang) or tak bagi cukup makan (animal feed is pricey apparently)?
Nutritionally, grass-fed cows are healthier and tastier (Read: Eatwild).
But where are they going to graze when all available lands are being taken up (harshly mind you by you-know-who) for real estate development?
And if there's a plot land, the grass looks unpalatable to our four-legged friends.
Don't fret my friends (you steak lovers, kebab eaters, burger munchers, sup tulang+gearbox slurpers), some people out there thought hard enough and came out with .... ta daaaaa.... Fodder Solutions Sprout Mat !

I am sure we can Malaysianise this sprout mat, kan?

I'm writing this while thinking for Buka Puasa Menu this weekend. Plus, I have encountered techniques to make more parts of the meat eatable - waste not, want not remember - and a couple of months ago, it was reported that eating meat leaves more carbon footprints so we should all go vegans! While we cherish those dining moments we have with our loved ones, let us not forget to cherish the food that we eat. I know they have to be sacrificed but should we not be concerned of how they are being treated before they are being consumed by us in many forms?

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