Thursday, August 12, 2010

Antares - 2nd Coming (Must BUY CD)

I've never been to Rainforest World Music Festival but listening to Antares belting out his songs, playing his guitar, in the middle of the night, with cold wind blowing from the top of Titiwangsa Range - I don't think I have to go that far.

I wonder where did he pluck all those beautiful songs he sang for us that night? The music arrangement was definitely melodious, the lyrics touched my soul and Antares' voice just put me in trance! Actually, it was rude of me for not getting to know my host before my visit to his Magickriver.

Antares is a star in his own magical ways - be it in his songs, those roles he played on stage and the causes he deeply rooted for. For that moment, I felt like a journalist trying my best to get into his beautiful mind, which some people find it too abstract and deep, and should I feel nervous? True to his simplistic nature but deep in thoughts, Antares always manages to put any stranger at ease - the minute you met him.

Antares, who was involved before with the Music Festival, is about to release his "2nd Coming". And I am glad this has come into fruition as I did ask him if I could get hold of his CD. Thank you Antares for your efforts and sharing your music - one of a kind really - with all of us.

What I like about his songs? They make sense to me, move and inspire me and they make me feel like...well, i am a human being after all.

The CD will be out this September, so visit his posting here and place your order.


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Fi-Sha, regret I have not heard of him. But will check him out, his songs.
Here's wishing you and all at home a pleasant bulan puasa.
Best regards, Lee.

Oscar the Grouch said...

I am a great fan of Antares since my younger teenage days, before his ‘Antares’ baptism; when he was just plain Kit Leee.

He is a great writer; an accomplished musician - but most of all - a free spirit. Not many can make a conscious choice to turn away our embedded commercialism and instead live a bohemian lifestyle.

I had a little write-up reference on Antares, published in a local daily couple of months back.

Here’s the link:-