Monday, August 9, 2010

Malaysia's Sure-Fail Business Goals

I recently subscribed to fDi magazine - another staple 'reading material' to dislodge freaking misleading normal materials dished to us Malaysians by too many apple polishers - and I love it to bits.

Having a soft spot for Thailand's Khun Korn, my 'wandering about fDi' brings me on to "Winners of Global Free Zone of the Future 2010 / 2011" and Khun Vikrom Kromadit.

From the first article, it was reported that Thailand Industrial Estates are ranked 12 in the world's free zones, outdone Jebel Ali Free Zone (the company that with drawn from PKFZ's management concession 3 years ago) by 2 spots. The second one is about Khun Vikrom - the industrial estate King of Thailand - who is not only the King, but also much celebrated autobio self-help book writer and radio show host. His listed company, Amata, is the leading developer and manager of 2 biggest industrial estates in Thailand, that boasts the names of biggest MNC in the world.

I definitely envy Thailand - the Land of Smiles - for their success enroute to a High-Income Nation.

Unlike Thailand, our 1MDB concentrates on energy (tsk tsk tsk Bakun Dam anyone?), real estate (Read : Iskandar cheap-houses-for SG people?), tourism (er, like having a hotel next to coal-fired power plant?) and agribusiness (ohh, no wonder FELDA and Sime Darby's replanting and fertilisers costs are enormously huge compared to KLK?).

Heck, so much about creating more job opportunities and creating High Income Nation when all we do is just selling and developing more lands with no major impacts to us common people.

Well, what do you expect from UMNO - running gomen?

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