Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunshine On my Shoulders

I wasn't supposed to attend "Seminar Ekonomi Perspektif Muda" yesterday but my sister decided to change her plan (without me saying anything to change her mind) and the rest is history. Thank you sis. I love you to bits :)

Frankly, I was rather nervous meeting young intelligent people but I convinced myself that these people are those with a great mind and a beautiful heart, because they turned up early (7.45 am on saturday morning in Ramadhan - that's challenging enough) at Dewan Bankuet, Wisma MBSA. So, I wasn't scared anymore.

I was really glad how things worked that day. First, I was seated at table 1-D, where Zamir, and engineer, and Suffian, a budding entrepreneur, 2 MCOB, had warmed up their seats. Later, Zairil, Chocolate Eating Officer to Chocolab came along. Cikgu Amin, a Political Science post-grad student, asked if he could sit at our table first while waiting for his members, in the table next to us, to come. But, cordiality between us had grown (or perhaps we were just too consumed in our own discussion) that we stayed together till the end. Later of the day, Medecci, a young Sarawakian I personally feel proud of what he does and the kind ethic and spirit he portrayed, stick around with us.

I won't go into details of what we had shared, discussed and mulled over but I must say we all were exhausted, mentally, by the time the seminar ended. Still, it was worth all the time spent, words spoken and exasperation felt.

Someone told me before how great a slow-cooked pot roast taste like. For western part of the world, that is how they make even the toughest meat tender and makes the whole dish tasted flavourful, rich and comforting.

I wish I shared that with our group yesterday so that we would never stop believing that changes are imminent and even if they took a lot of time to materialise, we shall not give up. When they happen, rest assured they will be sweeter and last longer.

As I make my way out of the hall, I had throbbing headache - yes, that's the sign of me trying really hard not to cry. This seminar makes us feel humble, not boastful, clear, not confused, hopeful, not defeated, and we are never alone. We are in this together and together, we will work things out.

I still remember what Paulo Coelho wrote in "The Alchemist" ~ “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”.

I guess the universe has conspired in helping me to experience one of the most beautiful Saturday I ever had. As I switched on the radio, John Denver's "Sunshine on my shoulders" filled my space and by then, my tears weren't that shy to wet my cheeks. At last, I feel relieved, truly, deeply.

Yes, if there are words to say to Zamir, Suffian, Zairil, Amin and Medecci, I wish I could share every single words in that song. The hopes we have so far are the sunshine that makes us look forward to the future, though there might be a drizzle or thunderstorm later in the day and even when the sunshine will make way for the dark sky of the night. Still, we will always know there will be sunshine on the next day. There will always be hopes.

Thank you Zamir, Suffian, Zairil, Amin and Medecci for being such a wonderful people I am thankful for the opportunity I was given.


Zai said...

I had a great time too, and I thoroughly enjoyed all your company.

I believe the dream of change is no longer far away. It will definitely happen soon, as long as we keep the flame burning!

Akmal said...


Zamir Rashid said...

Gone are the days of 'giving up by default'!

Fi-sha said...

Dear Zai

:) Thanks for dropping by and left your words of encouragement.

Hi Akmal

Thanks a lot ;)

Dear Zamir

It's time to play 'basketball' in space - continue to bounce back, all the time :) Thanks bro!

suffian said...

Hi fiza,

Great blog you have going here.

I think the session was refreshing, and I had a great time discussing ideas with the team.

Good thing we have Medecci with us, at least maybe some of the points we discussed could be used by KPRU in one way or another.

Good luck and all the best!

Fi-sha said...

HI Suffian

Thanks for your time here and enlightening words.

I feel that we could put our ideas into writing, properly, and forward it to Medecci.