Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dulu APCO, La Ni CCP?

It is alarming to read APCO’s brother-in-arms, UM(Ph)NO has signed a MoU with CPC of China on youth leadership exchanges so that the youth leaders of both countries can have a better understanding of the economic and social development taking place in Malaysia and China.

Following the footsteps of our giant step-brother Down South – one of the 3 Asian Tigers (roooooooarrr) – Adnan Mansor thinks such exchange is timely considering China is now a major economic power. It is indeed a plus-point but in which way would it impact our economic scene? As of now, China's FDI in Malaysia can be seen in Bakun Dam I project and Jambatan Kedua Pulau Pinang. So, are we going to have DIA too there, thus, transfering our money out again in time of plummeting FDI, wilting local market and death-bed budget deficit?

Adnan Mansor added that CPC is “amazed with our achievements and racial harmony and would like to learn from us how we were able to attain this harmony without any bloodshed”.

Really meh? Wallawweee!

You may find this piece of news interesting if you don’t know what happens in Tibet and China's repression of free expression and press freedom.

Don't get me wrong, this post isn't about trying to 'bludgeon' Chinese people, who are undeniably one of the most resourceful, resilient and smartest people, but when a political party like APCO's brother-in-arms inking such understanding with that type of China's ruling party, phew, it's stinking fishy because why do they have to go on political ground? Why not on G2G basis?

And if China's ruling political party is acceptable to UM(phhh)NO tastebud, perhaps our Government should reconsider allowing Mr. Ong Boon Hwa (Chin Peng) to come back to his Tanah Air for one last time.

Gloomy days are ahead of us people. Watch out and reach out, please...

p.s. Gosh, I cannot imagine a day withOUT Google!

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