Monday, April 13, 2009

Your Handwriting Won't Lie Baby

Once upon a time, I told my dear friend that I wanted to start a “Letter Writing Club”, as I missed how we used to convey our ideas, thoughts and emotions. I love tracing the words printed or especially written on that piece of paper – they evokes emotions – so magical they could turn back the time.

Perhaps, Ms Bobbie Ann Pimm managed to encapsulate the beauty of letter writing as extracted from her blog, below: -

“Once written, you can read it over and over again, and cherish it time after time, knowing that someone cared enough to take the time to write. After all, writing is not an automatic response. It requires thought and concentration and effort. People often speak, without thought – it is, for most of the part, an automatic response”.

On the count of ‘emotionless’ sms and emails I received thus far (mmm, I don’t mean you need to punctuate your words with love, miss, care, etc. to attain certain emotion), I have to confess I can determine what kind of character a person is through their handwriting – as result, I ditched many suitors and friends (or foes?). With that ability (hehehheheheh..i am now one of the HEROES), I stumbled upon this idea of “Write your Date”.

This is what I have in mind. How about finding your Mr/Mrs Right by going through his/her handwriting – the slant, the size, overall forms and shape of letters, below/above the lines, signatures and uses of personal pronoun. The art of handwriting analysis – called Graphology - allows, amongst other to determine one’s character and shows that person’s ‘character portrait’, and right down whether he’s stressed or ill.

Anyway, if it’s not finding the lucky fellow, I have to tell you letter writing opens up your world and your senses. Thank God for strangers I never even met yet took all the trouble to reply my snail mails and shared their hopes and ideals on matters that made me wrote to them in the first place. Through letter writing, everyone’s important in a special way.

I am not blaming technologies but people who let their life to be ruled by technology that make them so out of touch with all living beings. A 7-sentence message I received from a stranger in FB today has made my day because I feel ‘connected at cerebral and cardio level’.

Letter writings won’t fool you or your feelings – just like the letter sent by your Banker or the one sent by your grandpa to your beloved grandma when they first courted decades ago. It’s darn simple yet meaningful. I guess it explains why marriages from yesteryears survived for ages compared to many nowadays.

So, the next time you want to make a move, maybe you want to consider asking that person to write down his/her name . I bet what you seen in his/her handwriting, is what you are going to get in real life.

p.s. This is not an advertisement for Pos Malaysia though I can always give you a stamp or two for your letter – anytime :)


The Corporate Athlete said...

... lucky all this time I just communicate with you via email ... or else!! ... kihkihkih .... yeah, it's true, I tend to judge people based on their handwriting as well (good to know there's another person just like me..)

Fi-sha said...

Bro PT CA, don't worry..ive seen your handwriting hehheheh