Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Walk Away

I told my good friend Bro PT Corporate Athelete that I walk to Puduraya every working day to get my Selangor Omnibus back home. He told me it's a good 2 - 3 km. Yes, i want to maintain my time of 10 km/h (considering I'm not a runner - ok tak Bro PT CA?).

With my 'best friends' (my beloved humble walking shoes and ever cheerful phone), I make sure I power walk, leaving behind the bimmers as they stuck in the forever maddening traffic. I take the route along Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve so I don't really pay attention to those guys (yea right).

Instead, my soul is mesmerised with the greens - plain as they are yet so green and pristine, i feel like i'm in my little make-believe valley. I have this habit of looking at a group of tree and believe me you could see certain parts of them will move to a distinctice rhythm and later another will move (mind you, i've thought about the wind - nope, it isn't). Mak told me the leaves are 'praising the God' / 'berzikir'.

The beauty of walking is that it doesn't make me feel tired - i find that i have more energy throughout the day (but some people told me i'm always full of energy and emo too heheheh) but the best gift of walking is that i have a great night sleep and waking up feeling "which mountain should i conquer today":) It is so rejuvenating i must say.

At one point of time in my life, i paid several visits to the beauty centre, hoping they could help me to shed kilos. Frankly, i felt even more depressed because it was all about eating little food and not much about working out and having a good healthy lifestyle. Thank God i stopped - or else i would be thinking like any other gal out there? No offence but if you rely on others to make who you are without any pains, that's so damn weak and believe me, this could translate negatively into many more areas in your life. Shish...I hate that...

I'm looking forward to my evening walk - I walk away and that - makes my day!
p.s. Sorry, I don't talk while i'm walking - i just sing. So, don't bother saying hi to me ok? :P


The Corporate Athlete said...

cool ... your walking speed is slightly less than my RUNNING speed! ... yeah, you're a fast walker ... please make sure you sign up for this year's 12hr / 24hr walk k *wink* *wink*

Fi-sha said...

Bro, I was surprised with my speed too, especially yesterday, considering i was stucked at the traffic lights for a good 5 minutes. Maybe lugging heavy bag of mine (blame my book) every day does give some benefit as it was lighter yesterday.

12 hrs maybe boleh..24 hrs? how about my beauty sleep bro? hehehhehe