Friday, April 17, 2009

Back at One

At last, I'm back at home sweet home.

I missed my bed in my vanilla-scented room (warning:the smell could increase your trip down to the kitchen, dipping cookies in cold milk, hence, use with caution). I was grinning when i saw my earphones (I've been music-less since I was away). I touched my bedtime story book (I wonder when will i ever finished reading this extremely thick Roald Dahl's Short Stories for Sleepless Nights). I'm back at One - me at my best!

I have to confess that I was not my usual self for the past 4 days since my Little Angel Hariz Firdaus was admitted to the hospital due to pneumonia.

For one, the other Little Angel of mine Faris Haziq is inseparable from his Mama, I was almost out of my wits to cheer him up at night before his Papa comes back from visiting my sis and Hariz Firdaus. He was devastated. Listening to his Mama's voice over the phone, his tears rolled down. He kept saying "I miss you Mama, please come back, I love you". A cry baby myself, i couldn't help but felt so helpless. His Amuma* hushed him to sleep but it was extremely difficult. We almost banned the word "Mama' during that 4 days we stayed there. One morning, Ayah found him sitting on the bench facing the other side of the road after his kindergarten class, asking when will Mama and Papa come and fetch him. I bought him "Finding Nemo" fishing toy so he could have reasons to come back home after visiting the hospital (now, i think i want to try fishing - kind of interesting). The following nights, I made him coloured "Lightning McQueen" and did his many jigsaw puzzles - still, there were no twinkle in his eyes. Alhamdullilah, his brother was discharged on Wednesday and since then, Faris Haziq was like a shadow to his Mama, both hands holding on to his Mama, following my sis all over the house. It is true when they say you would know how much you love someone when you have a child. Looking at Faris Haziq, I saw myself when I was small - I would cry at nights in my aunties' house, missing Mak and Ayah and most of the time, they had to send me back to Tok's house in the middle of the night) for it seemed my world had come to the end without them and i thought very hard why they sent me here (when me and my sis were the ones jumping up and joy for the sleepover a few hours before).

*p.s. Amuma = Grandma in Urdu (had to borrow this from my Little Women of PG as we wanted him to use single syllable word to call Mak)

At the hospital, my sis found this one chinese guy, taking care of his 1-year old baby down with Asthma at night, so that his wife could get a good sleep and take care of their baby during the day. Mind you, he told my sis that he still go to work after his 'shift'. He's truly Bapa Mithali.

Leaving our house in the rush, i forgot to bring my precious earphones along (if you don't know, I need music to make me feel alive and think and the best of all, with earphones, i could ward off unwanted strangers from striking a conversation with me). I could always borrow my sis' but I have a habit of resisting myself from using other's stuffs. This morning, the rhythm was back in my blood, i was happily tapping my feet to Akon's "You're So Beautiful" and many more. Believe me, I could hear the mechanical part of my grey matter ticking again :)

I didn't have time to say goodbye to my Mulan, Adam, Benji and Bongo. When i got back last night, Adam stoned himself in the driveway, i had to move him or he would get himself killed - Yikes! After giving him his needed cuddles, I called for Mulan. She was nowhere. My brother told me that they - he and his wife (they are staying over while Nani is nursing her early pregnancy stage - yes, Mak thinks I'm going to have another nephew) told me that they rarely seen her. That is weird, knowing Mulan is extremely territorial, despite being neutered and shockingly, Mulan is a she-cat, she roams our area like the Queen. An hour later, after repeated callings, she climbed into my room and got her dose of TLC. Once at peace, she was nowhere to be found - mungkin melawat tanah jajahan :). All the stress left my body, mind and soul as i stroked them. Thank God for my cats - i got my sanity back.

This morning i woke to my 'natural eye lotion' working so good I feel young - i cried myself to sleep. Ish, so kememe..

It was indeed so good to be back at one.


The Corporate Athlete said...

you have the qualities of being a very good super-mom *ehem* *ehem*

TheWhisperer said...
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Fi-sha said...

hehhehe Bro PT CA, thanks for the ads