Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Will the Real Gentleman Please Stand Up?

William Shakespeare of 15th Century thinks women do protest too much. In my case, I enjoy protesting against injustice. While having lunch yesterday, we ladies of pleasure* talked about men these days.

*p.s. Since we still have to go to work

Men these days are coward individuals. When they are ‘bestowed’ with problems, they run helter skelter, ‘hiding in the cave or in the arms of their alpha-female mummies’, leaving behind their loved ones only to come out when they feel so of doing.

Nadhirah, one of my Little Women of PG, scored 10A for her SPM and her male cousin 3A. Their Atta*, however, rejoiced over the latter’s meagre achievement (since pupils nowadays scored tens of A easy peasy). Reason being the latter was ‘clever’ to get that results while having the time of his life, playfully and as for the former, women can achieve ‘the stars and the mountains’ of exam results yet they will never go far in life in terms of career. Mind you, Atta is a chairman of one public listed company and is very well educated.

*p.s. Atta = grandpa in Urdu.

How come such double standard? To make things even painful, some universities restricted the number of female students enrolled so more men of lower credit can get a place. Do we need to create such culture to prop up lame individuals? No wonder, just look at how badly our country is managed.
One young lady suffered a miscarriage because the hubby kept on complaining to his mummy about how moody was the mummy-to-be. For God sake, no man should complain about pregnant ladies – no matter what - for they are carrying your babies. I wonder if that was worth the trouble caused by the hubby. I hope she can still experience motherhood. Some, unfortunately, would never have a baby of their own. Come to think of it, would you want to have that kind of guy as your hubby? Thanks but no thanks.

In some households, men don’t have to lift a finger around the house and the women are just silent partner, bearing the former children, satisfying the needs that match the kings and the babies, I can say. Maybe it is how men are raised in a family, too many are having their only son – they are priceless ‘trophy’. I always feel to raise men, you got to be firm, stern and most of the times, cruel (hm, I sound like a stepmom now).

They must be trained to be hardworking yet accomodating, brilliant yet humble, independent yet attentive (and sensitive), firm yet passionate, and above all, able to think! (hm, maybe I need to check if their grey matter is smaller than us women?)

They say generations are needed to make a gentleman, mere circumstances make a lady. Too often, ladies are made – thanks to the trouble from many boys trapped in adult ‘pantsuit’.

Will the real gentleman please stand up? Step forward and make this world a wonderful place to live in.


Lady Florenz said...

Thank you .. Thank you .. Thank YOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUU ... you just made my day !!

The Corporate Athlete said...

LF - Looks like you are a big fan of our sista ....hehheheh....

- rest my case - :)

Fi-sha said...

Bro PT CA, LF isn't my fan, where are the Women Rights' Fan Club members :)

No worries bro, you are one!