Sunday, April 19, 2009

How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days

1. Be creative enough to find his contact address - google is a good start

2. Be daring enough to make the first move - build your own 'highway' to him

3. Be communicative enough to write him emails every day - without fail

4. Be funny enough to make him feel like you're one of his guy friends

5. Be flirtatious enough - it's sexy to feel wanted

5. Be attentive enough to his ideas and opinions - genuinely

6. Be a good reader to know what he's talking about

7. Be positive about the whole thing

8. Be passionate about his ideals

9. Be yourself - simply

10. Tell him how you feel - next thing you know you lost him already.


dochisyam said...

Hi Fi-sha,
Err are you really sure about this?
The more I read the list the more I think thats the woman that I want?
Just my 2 cents thoughts

The Corporate Athlete said...

waitaminute ... did i miss something here ? :)

Fi-sha said...

Dear Mr H,
I'm sure about that list as it is based on my real life story. Call it mismatch at its best...

Dear Bro PT CA
Nope, you didnt miss anything, its not that fishy hehehhe

zewt said...

hahahahaha.... i tot where were u going with this will i reached 10....

hey... your uncle... a good man indeed to be a caring neuro...

Fi-sha said...

hehhehe Zewt, life for me is indeed a standup comedy :P