Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Money Can't Buy Love - Adopt An Animal

Animals matter to me and i truly believe when Mahatma Gandhi says that "the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated". Somehow, I am not a good pet owner as i turned all my cats into 'humans' - can you believe that?

So, i follow Shoba's Remembering Sheena blog for my conscience check-and-balance (and a good site to jump-start my crying, reading many heart-rendering stories). Yesterday, she shares with us a letter from a shelter manager - that 50% of pets abandoned at the shelter are purebreeds that were given away as gifts to the loved ones, that the shelter will keep them for 72 hours failing to find a suitable adoption home, they will put down to sleep, well, if they ever survive that long in such crowded shelters.

Please, i beg you out there: -

1. Animals are living beings - they are not material possession that you can ditch once you get bored with them - think and think more before you decided to give a pet as a gift. Back in The Little Red Dot, it is normal for SPCA to find many stray puppies and dogs after XMas.

2. Adopt an animal from shelters - while the pet seller doesn't bother to check whether you are capable of being a good owner, most shelters do short interview session with prospective owners and some even go beyond their call of responsibility, visiting their homes too. Let's help these God Helpers getting a home sweet home for the abandoned souls. Who says we need money to buy love? They are free and believe me, they will love you - unconditionally.

3. Pedigree or not, all animals are cute - I know some people keep expensive pets for reasons they know of but always remember, as expensive as their price tag, keeping one is going to burn a hole or two in your pocket. Why not take a little step by adopting a normal cat/dog at the shelter. I can't describe to you how peaceful i feel whenever my cats started purring when i stroke them and to see them sleeping fitfully - what a difference i make to them. Those twinkles in their eyes are genuine - i hope they are not like human beings who can fake their affection and devotions to feel powerful and loved (well, from my experience, they never do).

It is just too sad to acknowledge the fact that we - regarded as the highly developed thinking mammals - are the very reasons animals are being mistreated. May us have the courage and the kindness to stop this vicious cycle.

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