Wednesday, April 22, 2009

GoMen of No-Sense and Nonsense

It’s only the middle of the week and I had enough reading nonsense of what’s happening in our Ibu Pertiwi for the past 1 week.

First, we have one MSM that definitely has run out of credible ideas to increase their sales when they splashed on the frontpage “Bangkitlah Melayu” next to a pic of f(ailed) 1 peeyem helping the sikh ladies turning ther capathis during Vasakhi Day celebration. How oxymoronic! Dear Mr. Whisperer, thanks for the wake-up call here. Let me tell you Utusan Melayau (borrowing this from Encik Hishamuddin Rais), if you bloody think Malays are like Kuih Bangkit, I guess the UM(pphhhh)NO Goons have been using the wrong recipe since May 13, 1969.

Then, Rais was so eager with his new job as Menteri ‘Rancangan Tergendala Malaysia’, warning the bloggers to watch out (no spin spin ok heheheheh yea right) and changing the chinese and tamil news to different time slots (errr…anybody still watching these spinners?). He urged the private TV stations to put national interest first, instead commercial (Read: I make no money, so you better not, so my lousy stations could catch up with you all? Shishhh busuk hati tak habis habis).

Yes, at last, the Kangaroo Court has arrived at our shore, people. This is the land where convicts and criminals walk away scot free, democracy is being robbed under broad daylight and a mother who got jailed because she wanted to feed her children. Shame on you to all hopping, rotting, stinking court jesters (ops not forgetting the non-functional ex-Ng Yen Yen's ministry too)!

And I spek no in-glis cos I dun understand this “Royal is above politics” (does it mean they can do whatever they think they CAN? Or they shouldn’t interfere with one?) and this one too “It is with them (the failed 1 peeyem) has to clear his name? (Aminah’s family? Anak Bangsa Malaysia?). OK, I’ll go and read more ‘in-glis’ Sir!

Have you done with your tax-filing? If you think it is worth your time staying late at work and claim you meal allowance, stop dreaming because it is taxable. For feel-good factors about paying (less) tax, start contributing your hard-earned money to charity, buy books and buy new computers (and become a blogger yeay!). No, please la, we don’t need more submarines, fighter jets and no-value-added space tourist, let alone to sponsor more botox and liposuction treatments!

EC must be damn tired handling b(u)y (and byebye) elections these days aye. Ala, 5 tahun sekali je buat kerja – might as well we hire them on part basis je, no need full time bangku-man and all. Jimat woo. EC thinks it’s money waster (hehehehhe how about your decision not to use indelible ink in GE12?) Encik Stocktube thinks it’s just your failed 1 peeyem’s political creativity (accounting)) and Anak Mamu Surat Khabar Lama feels they (those seangkatan dengannya) should penalise lawmakers that resign with no valid points (Laa, cakap je la takut kalah lagi Mamu marah lagi). Fairus, the ex-penanti man, is one funny idiot – somehow his double master degrees don't make him any brainier. I say – shall we bring on the mights of both world – Surat Khabar Lama and DSAI?

So, do you think PROTON can still sell lousy cars to us Anak Bangsa? Yes, they will now that non-national cars will bear higher interest rate. I call it a bail out. During this trying time, most financial institutions are being ridiculuously panic that it is so bloody hard to get a financing (unless you got kaki la). The RM60.0 Billion mini (curry puff) budget ain't going to help us ordinary people. You lost your job, skidded your repayment obligations and the Bank will hound you like you are a criminal (ah-long style). The GoMen can touch our EPF money when they are 'sick' yet we can't when we are in financial dire straits. Of course they can say it's for your good old days but what's the future like if you can't even live today? I always feel EPF and financial institutions should lend their helping hands now. For once, can we stop talking about how much profit we have? Give back to the people that brings you up!

While the First Family of USA is happy having their Bo around (they say you can judge the owner from the dog – to me, darn cutie Bo is adorable, active and humble), another puppy was strangled to death – just because it entered a malay house in Langkawi. This is the sign that our Ibu Pertiwi is nowhere near greatness. What is a human if not for his thinking ability? My sympathy goes out to the owner of this puppy : (- -

Yang Berkhidmat Eli Wong is back at work and Toyol isn’t at all happy with that (gosh, it really affects him badly he can't stop coming up with something stupid enough to tarnish Pakatan Rakyat - kesian) and a few days later, a blog posted pictures of her, again. You XY-bearing species out there, you can have fun humiliating women like that if you have no respect for your mother. Enough said.

To make my heart goes on fire (again!), MEF (complains) that they got to spend RM1.57 B on maternity leave yearly! OK women, stop reproducing (and tell that to your hubbies), let us become like The Little Red Dot (yea baby, bring on more china dolls and all) and let our children become self-centred (less time spend during the first few months of their precious life) and less brainy. Hows that MEF? Stupid statement I would say because if they think they have to fork out RM3K a month to get a replacement – boo hoo – another officer will take up her job at no extra cost (no overtime, no allowance whatsoever allowed). Shooooot!

Goodness gracious me! What have we become, all? Do you want our children to live in this kind of Nation? Fight or flight - these are only options we have!

Anyway, may God bless Dr Hsu for sharing with me about the greatest ever Britain's Got Talent star, Susan Boyle. Her voice is magical (i have to say because i love broadways and classicals) and knowing that she came from this tiny village of the Highlander Scotland, indeed, dreams do come true, if you took the chances! Only brave souls would do that. People could say whatever they want (yes, just listen to Simon Cowell's remarks when she first got on the stage) but if we think we can, smile and show the world know that WE (BLOODY) CAN! Ops! :)

p.s. Sad to say, a lot of women out there refuse to become politically aware simply because they have enough nonsense dealing with men (either their husbands or bosses) and being a good mom is super challenging nowadays. Let’s hope we women never forget that “the hands that rock the cradle is the hands that rules the world”.
p.p.s. Dr Seuss says "I like nonsense - it wakes up the brain cells". Bet our nonsensical gomen wakes us up, don't you think?


WanHidayat said...

Dear are the one from million women who really brave in commenting our GOMEN and for sure...what you have seen, what you have heard and what you have read....

*secara terbuka begini...I am just proud of you my dear sister.

*How are you?...I hope everything fine there and same here...I have just got back from Pahang...

*Routine di Miri semakin sukar rupa-rupanya...hehehehe

Tk cr akak....

Oscar the Grouch said...

Goodness me. What a seething tirade - ranging from Rais, EC, tax, Proton, right to the First Dog.

It is almost as if all that was pent-up and simmering for a while eventually detonating into a potpourri of topics, issues and themes.

A good outburst, I must say, but a tad bit unhealthy. You should consider letting it out on a more habitual basis.

Fi-sha said...

Dear Mssr Oscar The Grouch

Yes, it was utterly unhealthy of me bottling up. Just to highlight to the world (hehehhe yea right) that we malaysians have to endure to so many nonsense i wonder if we ever move from this low point in Modern Malaysia History.

Maybe i need to have some aromatherapy going on now or else i turn into monster hehehe

Take care Mssr!

zewt said...

amongst all... i think the increase in interest rate for non-national cars was just so TDM... it's his dream to revive proton again i guess... very very very sad.

oh... the director general came up with an explanation last sunday... she said that the public ruling was actually referring to "meal allowance for overtime DURING outstation travels are taxable".... errr... that's her words.... are we supposed to claim a deduction based on her words or public ruling which clearly said any meal allowance for OT it is taxable.

and the best part... orang sudah file tax return lah... sekarang baru nak cakap...

Fi-sha said...

Dear Zewt

Let ROFL malaysian mah to come out with that last minute clarification - like engineers, pls la, i think they need to meet more people, study more cases and understand the matter first...