Thursday, April 30, 2009

Nabbing the napping docs

To laugh or to curse – that was my dilemma after reading our Health Minister’s backing of the 2 Gomen doctors at HKL here. So, instead, I shed some tears for our Kitchen Cabinet Minister is definitely not cut for his responsibility – ensuring all citizens are provided with reliable and humane medical treatment with dignity. I wonder why we put idiots running all these life-and-death matters.

So, does it justify their laissez-faire attitude to those waiting patients (mind you, they were at the A&E’s critical zone)? My colleague was telling me that a friend to his son died while waiting at the A&E Unit in front of his dad’s eyes and I've heard many other shocking stories too. Can you imagine the pain and guilt his family has to endure for the rest of their lives? I wouldn't wish to put anyone in that sad reality.

Hello stupid docs (ops, not you Mr H, you are heaven-sent), why on earth you became a doctor in the first place when you are so bloody lazy and heartless? If you think another human’s life is worthless of your responsibility, I suggest you may want to consider working at the morgue. Maybe you have more time flipping through MSM.

As I was telling my uncle (both my Chu and Pak Busu are good, god-fearing, responsible medical doctors), each family should invest in one medical doctor. Reasons being – when you started mentioning that your so-and-so is a doctor, the doctors and nurses will give you their very best – so call it your safety net from ‘meeting your Maker untimely or in great pains as a result of medical negligence’. Of course, life and death is in the hands of God but to allow one to suffer before that is horribly sinful.

Perhaps, we should exercise our rights and to exercise one before death befallen to anyone. Hmm, I wonder if those inhumane doctors are covered with relevant professional insurance coverage so we could ‘nab’ them? Don’t blame me OK, I’m just ‘menyahut seruan KPDN’s motto – jadilah pengguna yang bijak’.

"What's a good doctor, and how can you make one?

By marrying the applied scientist to the medical humanist"


zewt said...

i have had my personal bad experience in a govt hospital before... sigh... if there is a swine flu pandemic...can they handle it?

Fi-sha said...

Hi Zewt, i don't think they are capable of handling the swine flu, even they don't give a damn about ever-present dengue and cikukunga...with current economic situation, there will be more people seeking treatments at Gomen hospitals and i fear for their rights and well being...

The Corporate Athlete said...

yup, felt the same way too when the Director of HKL stood up for those two docs ... whatashame!