Wednesday, December 10, 2008

To all the Queens of our Heart

My tears rolled down my chubby cheeks as I saviour the perfect emotions personified in this tribute to our Dame Marina Lee Abdullah, the other half of Uncle Pete, that was posted in The Whisperer’s blog last November. To make it even more poignant, “Let it be me” by The Everly Brother was on Lite FM.

Please, idolisation of an individual is not my forte but I idolise any woman who possess a strength to overcome obstacles, prejudice and injustice yet still as loving and caring to anyone who can feel with their heart. Dame Marina is one of them and of course, to top my list of my favourite women is my beloved Mak – a fine example of a strong woman. Just by mentioning her makes me want to cry. It is my cry of joy for I am thankful for she is my Mak.

I wish one day I have the opportunity to be that woman who stand behind her man, come what may. A marriage for me is more of a companionship through this walk of life...

Love is passionate and deep. It will drive you to do crazy things for each other, be it madness or being acrobatic. But loving a person is actually by knowing all the faults, knowing the good and the bad and still choosing to be together – that is love.

Many of us do not have first-hand knowledge of what married life entails. But I have thought long and hard about it. And I am ready for whatever it may bring – it brought me three wonderful children.

Many of us should consider ourselves insanely lucky to have found the woman who fits beautifully in our life.

The saddest moment in a married life is when we start to take each other for granted. What more when the little bubbling cutie arrives year after year? Time is stretched unbearably with the unending chores and the circle of friend dwindles to a miserably few. With the grace of God, we will live to be grandparents but most of us will see their children leaving the nest to roast on their own. This is when we have to learn to bear the silence each day without hearing their voices.

Any woman is an inspiration to the heart and gives meaning to all the things in life that are frequently left unexplained. The strength of a woman lies deeply within her soul and it is from the depths of that soul, where pain and frustration are often times hidden. So, men will have to salute women for their strength, their power, and the unique abilities that make them what they are. Marina Lee Abdullah is this breed of a woman.
It is futile to spend hours upon hours mulling it over in our heads, trying to make sense of it because she is right before our eyes.

When the inevitable moment comes which make it seems so hopeless and endless, just stretch out your hand in the dark and you will feel her beside you. Her warmth saturates in the lonely air, unseen but soothing. Then, lay your head between her bosoms and listen to the medley of her heartbeat vibrating into your ears. It will be a whole new world to feel the love of your woman to roam unbridled among the myriad of stars in your imagination.

Man will never be alone even in the most trying situation, because she is always there to stand by him. - Tribute from EyeSpy

EyeSpy is a freelance photographer who writes his stories through observation from the window of his camera. He is currently pursuing his stories passionately from the ground as part of his contribution to create awareness for the betterment of Malaysia.

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