Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Wong Fei Hung

I have a confession to make – I have an eye for Chinese-looking men. And I have to blame it on Jet Li, whom I fall for head over heel ever since I first saw him in “Shaolin Temple 1” and even until now, when he is so blissfully married to an ex-beauty queen.

In addition, I have to profess that I can make a very good judgment on people when I first laid my eyes on them. Really, trust me and that is why I am single and available to this date :)

Jet Li is not only a kung-fu extraordinaire with a charming smile and oh so famous. His smile and his eyes show that he has a big, sincere, good heart.

I found this from Jet Li’s wikipedia and no wonder he is the perfect actor to play Wong Fei Hung:-

“According to Li, once, as a child, when the Chinese National Wushu Team went to perform for President Richard Nixon in the United States, he was asked by Nixon to be his personal bodyguard. Li replied, "I don't want to protect any individual. When I grow up, I want to defend my one billion Chinese countrymen!" which earned him much respect in his homeland”.

Then, I read about his article in Newsweek 13 Oct 2008’s Turning Point : A Wave of Love recently. 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami turned my favourite Wong Fei Hung into a dedicated philantropist under his One Foundation.

Here's some lines from his article that I love to share with you:-

“That day in the Maldives was a real turning point for me. I had spent the first 41 years of my life thinking about Jet Li first, wanting to prove I was special, wanting to prove I was a star. Everything I'd done was self-centered. In that lobby, however, I saw people of different colors, speaking different languages, helping each other. It was very much like in the movies, with people putting women, children and the elderly first, and I thought that if everybody helps, if everybody does a little bit, it will make a big difference”.

p.s. I wonder if we have to go through something tragic to start doing good, that I make a point to watch “Bersamamu” on TV3 (only this), to look beyond ordinary people I meet in the bus (a serious looking man with deep frowning lines on his forehead, thinking how he could make ends meet for his growing family, a tired looking lady, with callus hands holding a plastic bag to hold her earthly possesion, visualising things she needs to do once home afterstanding for many hours, a teenage boy, donning school uiform, one size smaller, looking forlonly at other teens whose parents sending them to school in big, flashy cars. Such grim reality makes me more human for I do not believe in spending much on myself, most of my $$ are meant for others – all in my pursuit to make people happy. I also believe that if you can feed a hungry man, you will give a clear mind and a strong will to help himself. Think again when we waste our food or eat excessively. There are people out there that survive on nothing more than plain water and watery porridge.

“I also realized that all the money and power in the world would not have saved me from the water. That night I decided that I couldn't wait until I was retired; I had to do something right away”.

p.s. I notice that some people will wait for others to join them to do something good or they won’t proceed. Some people say they don’t have time while another group thinks they are not rich enough to do good. My good friend PT MACAM BAGUS has his way of spreading love to others.

“Sure, governments and companies have responsibilities for ordinary people, but I want to spread the belief that every human being has a responsibility too. It's not just when you've made your millions, when you're a captain of industry or a star. It starts with everybody, with just a little help”.

p.s. I stand by this value that no matter how small our contribution is, it makes a difference. Never allow prejudice, selfishness and second thoughts conquers our good intentions to lend our hands to those in need. Always believe in your instincts to think and do good. Don’t feel ashamed to do good in this era where B(e)N(d) culture instill in many Malaysians that you only do good to those who would suck up to you or to people who will return their favour, no matter what.Do you know that thinking and doing good, no matter how small, is good for your health and mental being because it fulfills your basic subconcious need as a human being to alleviate pains or distress of others.

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