Thursday, December 18, 2008

Politics Matter

I am reading TIME’s Commemorative Issue for America’s 44th President-elect dated 17 November 2008.

Here’s some excerpts from Richard Stengel, its Managing Director’s preface to the issue, which I think rings true to some people who have awakened to 08/03/08 GE: -

“The fact that people around the world woke up to learn that the new American President-elect is Barack Obama is in itself an enormous paradigm shift in their perception of the U.S. We will probably be a majority-nonwhite nation by the year 2024. In a very real way, Obama is the face of the new America.

But this was a signal and transformational election that transcended race. Amid the worst financial crisis in a generation, it marked a return of the idea that politics matters in people’s lives and the government has a necessary and positive role in making America a better place.

The fact that Americans have the right not to vote is one of the beauties of democracy – it is a sign of the true freedom that we have. But the fact that people turned out in record numbers suggests that our democracy is engaged, that people are taking their civic responsibility seriously. An it is a reminder, as Justice Louis Brandeis suggested, that the highest office in a democracy is not that of President but that of citizen”.

It hurts me when people keep commenting why do we need to bother so much about politics, because for them, as long they are still earning enough to support their lifestyle, why do we need to think so much about politics.

Perhaps, I met only those people are so blessed with they have. Perhaps, I shouldn’t think so much about the minorities who are being sidelined by the Gomen. Perhaps, I have to keep my emotions inside about seeing little kids enduring hours of walk just to get to school everyday or those who are left to fend for themselves in a shackled ‘hostel’ just to learn. Perhaps, I just make believe everything is a OK here in Malaysia.

For me, politics matter - Just like who you choose as your husband or your wife.

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