Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Risk Worth Taking

I am in awkward position to feel sorry for those people who have been blacklisted by Banks, who have been denied much life-changing financial assistance due to our bankers’ manic and panic depression, because I am working in a bank too.

Just look at how many families have been adversely affected by Alongs and ‘thuggish’ bankers, who happen to care much about their bottom line instead of understanding problems these people are facing.

This article by Mr Daniel Gross further strengthens my belief that helping the less fortunate, working class group of people would not deny financial providers good returns and not all subprime loans are toxic.

Perhaps all the big banks should adopt four principal virtues of Professor Muhammad Yunus' Dhaka-based Grameen Bank : discipline, unity, courage and hard work, as commented here.

And with this global economic crisis, why don’t we get them to pay for it? But how come they bring us down along with them? Shishhhhhh…

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