Tuesday, December 2, 2008

How I Wish This Could Happen in our Ibu Pertiwi

I read with much delight that Court dissolves Thai government for election fraud in The Malaysian Insider, which reproduced below in verbatim:

BANGKOK, Dec 2 — Thailand's Constitutional Court has dissolved the three biggest parties in the ruling coalition and banned the prime minister along with top party executives from politics for five years.

The ruling sinks Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat's coalition government, made up of six parties. It also raises hopes that thousands of protesters seeking the government's ouster will end their siege of the country's two main airports.

The court ruled today that Somchai's People's Power Party, the Machima Thipatai party and the Chart Thai party were guilty of electoral fraud. Somchai and other party executive members were found guilty and banned from politics for five years.

Court President Chat Chalavorn says the ruling will 'set a political standard.' — AP

See also Bloomberg report here.

With Lion of Jelutong calling for resignation of the entire Bar Council for keeping mum about CJ appointment, I pray our judiciary system will be propped back to its former glory, where we were once considered the best in the region.

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