Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Big Boys Don't Play Toys

We always think we have put everything under controlled when we have certain expensive equipments, especially when security and crime prevention are amongst our greatest concerns. I think that is noble - we believe that life is precious.

But it is so Malaysian value when we bought these things but we forgot to maintain them that makes us caught unprepared when peril or emergency occurs.What I dislike so much about our top cops is that they love buying big toys at our expenses but never use them to safeguard our interest and most importantly, safety and sanity.

Here are some of their 'skim cepat kaya' to protect us.

Selangor potshot cops said they need more CCTV
to curb escalating crime rates in the state. Don't they know installation of CCTV in London doesn't lower its crime rates? Singapore, being at the forefront of CCTV monitoring of its city state, still couldn't track Mas Selamat Kastari who escaped from its Whitley Detention Centre on my birthday this year. Alamak, no need la. Just get your people moving on the roads la.

Big Toys

I thought the Gomen will cut the pay for our underperforming cops when I read more and found out that the Gomen will shelve big tickets project under the 9MP. Duhhhhhhh…

Serve the cops right because if they ever purchased all those big toys, would the crime rate in our Ibu Pertiwi reduce considerably? With all cars and bikes they have purchased, languishing at the stations, what the heck they need to buy those things and copters? Duhhhhh…

What a joke la for these people to even think of using our moneys to buy their big dream toys. At the rate they are degrading their integrity and capability in preventing and solving crime cases, please la. Shame on you! Dont waste our money la.....

Change our perception on crime?

The IGP said that it was only a perception that the public safety situation here had spun out of control. Hehehehehe..lawak betul la pakcik ni, he thinks he can use the halp of David Copperfield's likes to change our perception on this important issue? It is really a joke we have this pakcik as our IGP just because he stormed into DSAI's house in 1998. Macho sangat la tu!

Read this article and you'll know that our Ibu Pertiwi is getting more dangerous the longer we put some idiots running this nation on autopilot mode or David-Copperfield mode? Eh eh...or like Chipsmore ads...sekejap ada sekejap tak ada (now you see it now you don't?)

Heck...how stupid and helpless can we be, people?

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